We test your eCommerce, keep the winning version.

Increase your income 3X and understand the travelers’ needs and behavior.


Cost investment free.

100% personalized to your company, just as if it had been created by your IT team.

Reservamos SaaS takes care of all the planning, integration and optimization.

Different payment gateways for your travelers.

Get relevant data from your travelers and improve your digital strategies.

Your standard sales funnel vs Reservamos SaaS eCommerce competing in conversions, purchase acceptance, and transactions. The best wins!

The eCommerce A/B Test applies for your company if:

  • The results of your online sales are not showing growth.
  • Time is a resource of great value for your operation and you need an expert in developing online platforms.
  • You have already invested in a similar solution but with a poor outcome.
  • You need to adapt the user experience to new digital travelers’ needs.
  • You want to be part of the bus sector transformation.
Optimize eCommerce

In just 90 days, ETN Turistar increased its revenue by 63%.

Reservamos SaaS technology boosts online ticket sales, with 57% conversion improvement and 80% bank card acceptance level.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the A/B Test take?

During 8 weeks, we will compare the brand’s standard sales funnel and the Reservamos SaaS eCommerce, by maintaining 50/50 online traffic split and equal conditions over a 2-month period. At the end of the trial period, we will share the results of each digital channel to determine friction during the purchasing experience, the conversion, and revenue. Whoever sells more, wins! Let us convince you with results rather than words. 

What information will be requested to start the A/B Test?

We will need the following steps to move forward:

  • Brand manual
  • DNS Access
  • Inventory System API
  • Contract for the implementation of the A/B Test

During the A/B Test, we will do an integration of the Gateway and the inventory system.

Can I have access to the data during the A/B Test?

Yes, you will be able to access all the data generated during the test.