Success Stories

Bus companies are switching to the digital box office with Reservamos SaaS

A business that has revolutionized intercity transport and continues to grow!

Roll&Bits has proven that the data-based Revenue Management model works, having one of the largest purchase anticipations in the industry.

Highest payment acceptance rate in the industry

We raised our clients’ payment acceptance rate by +15 points, reaching rates above 80%; while we kept the fraud levels and chargebacks practically at 0%.

Do you want to know how we achieved it?

30% of the total sales of Primera Plus come from their eCommerce

Through the right technology, Primera Plus optimized its eCommerce to increase traffic, boost conversion and guarantee safe sales.

Greyhound achieves +60% increase in online sales in less than 2 years

Discover the benefits Greyhound found in the Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform and the path they followed to conquer the Hispanic market.

We help you boost your bus line with the right technology, providing the purchasing experience the digital traveler is expecting, in an easier, dynamic and reliable way.


payment acceptance rate


Chargeback rate

million dollars tickets processed with 2X sales

Constant support

Our team of developers offers a differentiated service, with the integration of technology in constant innovation, to provide a better purchasing experience.

Work team to optimize the experience

We guarantee an optimal experience to achieve your growth goals.

The right technology for your online sales channel

The technology we provide empowers each of our clients to boost their digital sales.

When we implemented Reservamos SaaS platform, after a month we immediately saw a significant impact on conversions. We went from 8% to 10% of conversion. 

Jorge Cervantes

CFO, Grupo Flecha Amarilla

The support of Reservamos SaaS in the definition of our dynamic pricing strategy and the use of all the data has allowed us to make better decisions for the benefit of Roll&Bits.

Alexandier Meza

General Manager, Roll&Bits

We are good at operating, it has been the core of our thinking, and that is why we look for the best in the technology side, Reservamos SaaS.

José Luis Moreno

SVP, Greyhound

Using Reservamos SaaS services cut development times and the implementation was much more successful within a few months.

Juan Pablo Martín

CEO, Grupo Flecha Amarilla

Boost your eCommerce with the right solutions, and let your bus line take the lead.

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