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Competitor Monitor

Gain valuable insights into the performance and occupancy of your pricing strategy by analyzing and comparing it to market behavior.

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Real-time Alerts

Receive alerts in your email about pricing and occupancy fluctuations among your competitors. Leverage market insights to identify opportunities for optimizing your pricing strategy and operations.

Visualize the market behavior

Track the average prices, online ticket sales, optimal or suboptimal schedules, and departure frequency of other bus companies or agencies, along with their corresponding occupancy rates.

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Analyze your data from anywhere you choose

Download all your data, including route and schedule performance, in a single file for easy analysis in tools like Power BI.

Unlock your revenue potential without the need for a dedicated Revenue Management team

We provide you the support and resources necessary for your teams to implement successful pricing strategies.

BrainPROS has perfectly adapted to our needs. The support team has been exceptional, providing agile and efficient solutions. This technology has been crucial for making more strategic decisions, and the reliability and advanced features of BrainPROS have helped us achieve consistent results“.

Tylla Sitta 

Pricing Manager & Revenue Management Specialist

From having a blindfold to a magnifying glass on your market

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