eCommerce platform for the bus sector

Technology designed exclusively for bus companies. Transform your digital sales channel, increase your revenue and maintain control of your business.

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We optimize your eCommerce as if you had created it yourself, personalized to your bus company and your passengers’ needs. And the best part is that it adapts to any device.

You won’t have to change your website domain.

Purchases are completed on your own digital sales channel.

Reduce your company’s operating expenses by 50%.

Strengthen your online ticket sales with an easy-to-use and secure experience.

Access relevant data on your travelers’ behavior 24/7.

Marketing tools that help your company have more efficient online campaigns.

Analytical Module

Use your data to go beyond and connect with your travelers.

Follow your travelers’ behavior, and grow your business by understanding the strategies that are working.

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Payments and Anti-fraud Module

Increase your payment methods.

We integrate the most popular payment platforms while you increase the percentage of tickets sold with a faster experience.

Safer transactions.

Our eCommerce platform protects you from fraud and chargebacks by monitoring each transaction. We collaborate with the banking and payment institutions that you already know.

Content Module

Your eCommerce, your rules.

You have control of your eCommerce at all times to activate routes, promotions, schedules, add or change banners, and manage everything related to your online sales in an easy and fast way.

Attract new users

Gain greater digital positioning.

Help travelers find you first and let each search point to your offer, through an SEO strategy and landing pages.

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Continuous updates

Enhance your travelers purchase experience.

Learn from your travelers and adapt as many features as you need in your sales funnel so that your bus company always remains competitive and attractive.

Travel insurance

Pet Friendly

Carbon credits

Ancillary Module

Agilely adapt your eCommerce according to your revenue goals and travelers’ needs.

Allow your travelers to add products or services within the payment process, such as additional luggage, box lunch, travel insurance, and pet-friendly seats, among others.

Marketing Module

Connect with your travelers.

Increase your travelers’ retention through effective marketing strategies, and have at your disposal tools to maintain personalized and automated communication with them.

Let's boost my eCommerce

Learn from other bus companies that have already accelerated their digital transformation with the help of Reservamos SaaS technology.

3x more online sales

  • Better understanding of traveler´s needs. 
  • Inmediate increase in traffic and purchases. 
  • Chargebacks descreased and costs reduction. 

Jorge Cervantes – Finance Director at Grupo Flecha Amarilla 

Want to try a new digital engine to boost your bus company? Our dynamic, secure, and efficient eCommerce platform is waiting for you.

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