Technological solutions to boost your bus company

The digital ecosystem you need to connect with digital travelers and increase your revenue. 

Lead your bus company transformation with Reservamos SaaS

eCommerce platform designed exclusively for bus companies

Custom white labels without changing your company’s URL, with our technology made for eCommerce, the best anti-fraud system in the industry with average levels of 0.3% and +80% payment acceptance rate.

Transform my ecommerce

Connect with your digital travelers when they need you

Your eCommerce in a 100% functional App, and with a +4 star rating in digital stores.

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BrainPROS, the future of smart pricing

Revenue Management solution to implement dynamic pricing strategies according to reservation history, traveler behavior, competition, seasonality, occupancy, and purchase anticipation.

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Competitor Monitor

Our data science solution enables your operations teams to improve market behavior analysis and make better decisions for your pricing strategies and inventory optimization.

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Technology adapted to traveler trends

A digital ecosystem made up of powerful tools that our development team updates according to traveler trends and needs, to guarantee the growth of your bus company.

Receive the sales of your eCommerce directly

Your data is available 24/7 

Know your travelers and analyze your market

Solutions built to growth

Smart pricing strategy

Analyze and create a pricing strategy adapted to your traveler’s behavior.

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We create apps for your most engaged travelers.

Stay ahead of market

Gain relevant information to achieve a competitive advantage at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost?

    They vary on the solution and the volume of sales. They are structured to be a win-win incentive to sell more, have a better experience and provide you excellent support.

    How does the support work?

    Our teams of experts will be on top of your brand’s performance. From the technology implementation, new features and strategic path to grow.

    Dynamic pricing? Why would I need it?

    Is not only about having a smart pricing strategy but more importantly to learn and understand every aspect of your performance through data and giving you an advantage over your competitors.

    Who owns my data?

    You own it, forever! You can access it 24/7.

    How can I try the eCommerce solution?

    Through an A/B test, as simple as that. You are not convinced? Well, let’s convince you with results rather than words and actual success cases. Your current eCommerce’s version vs the new version, 50/50 online traffic split and equal conditions on a 2 month period. Whomever sells more, wins!

    Will my eCommerce be personalized?

    Yes, your eCommerce will suit your brand’s personality needs along with our recommendations for maximum performance.