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Analyze the performance of your pricing strategy and occupancy, and compare them with market behavior. 

🔘 Anticipate market trends.

🔘 Daily update by destination and time
filters by routes, terminals, travel type, and dates.

🔘 Petitions configuration.

🔘 Download historical data. 

🔘  Compare the data from bus companies and OTAs

Frequently asked questions

What is the Competitor Monitor?

This tool empowers you to track and analyze your competitors’ performance, enabling you to proactively implement strategic measures for heightened competitiveness in the market.

How can this tool help my business?

Companies that have embraced this solution have witnessed a notable 5% boost in sales. By leveraging data analysis and implementing effective pricing and availability strategies, you can enhance your routes’ market share and elevate your brand positioning.

Can I download the data?

Absolutely! We ensure that your data is securely stored for as long as you require the product. Additionally, you have the flexibility to download and access your data whenever needed.

Is there any installation required?

No, our team will assist you with the initial setup, and you can start using it immediately without any installation required.

How long is the free trial?

14 days, but it only takes 1 day to fall in love with it.

How is the data shown?

You have access to various graphics and data points, allowing you to view them at an aggregate level or apply filters for specific competitors, routes, brands, terminals, trip types, and dates.

The tool for market analysis optimization and driving strategic decisions.