New feature: Adjacent Seat
New feature on the eCommerce platform: Adjacent Seat!
March 25, 2024

At Reservamos SaaS, we offer innovative technological solutions to empower and digitize bus ticket sales. We are pleased to announce an exciting update on one of our partners’ eCommerce that can change the way your customers travel: Adjacent Seat!

What is an Adjacent Seat?

It’s a revolutionary feature that allows travelers to purchase the seat next to theirs with a special discount, defined by the brand.

This innovative function arises as an initiative from ETN, a premium Mexican company in the bus sector, to provide more flexible and comfortable travel options for passengers, especially those who prefer to have a bit more personal space during their journey.

How is this possible? Imagine being able to travel alone during your trip, enjoying the comfort and privacy that having an additional seat at your disposal offers. With Adjacent Seat, it’s now possible!

Users have the opportunity to reserve an extra seat at a lower cost, thus ensuring an exclusive space during their bus journey.

New feature: Adjacent Seat.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are manifold and remarkable. Firstly, it offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed and private journey, ideal for those who want to work, rest, or simply enjoy their own space along the way.

Furthermore, by promoting the purchase of an additional seat, this feature has the potential to significantly increase the average ticket per booking, resulting in higher revenues for the associated brands.

How does it work?

Adjacent Seat can be added to each bus company’s website and is automatically activated on the routes indicated by each brand, providing complete independence to enable or disable the service according to the specific needs of each one.

Likewise, only one adjacent ticket per trip per person is allowed, ensuring a comfortable and equitable travel experience for all passengers.

At Reservamos SaaS, we are always committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

With Adjacent Seat, we offer a unique travel experience that redefines comfort and convenience for your travelers.

Don’t miss out on this exciting update and take the travel experience to a new level with Reservamos SaaS!

Optimize your bus ticket sales business with our advanced technological solutions.

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