A bus ticket open to all possibilities

A bus ticket open to all possibilities

Has it happened to you that you want to pack your bags and escape to your favorite destination for a few days, but you still haven’t defined your entire itinerary? It would be amazing to have the freedom to buy your bus ticket and choose your day and time of return during your trip, right? It is becoming necessary to have flexible options in the face of new travel trends arising from remote work and digital nomads looking for travel options that suit their needs.

Through Reservamos SaaS technology, your eCommerce platform adapts to your digital traveler to provide a dynamic and flexible shopping experience, according to their needs, throughout the purchase process.

With Open Ticket, your digital traveler can choose their destination, select this option and redeem their bus ticket when they decide, without having to go to the box office, in just a few simple steps through the eCommerce.

Open Ticket allows you to:

  • Boost the sale of round tickets.
  • Raise conversion in your sales funnels.
  • Acquire a competitive advantage vs. air travel.
  • Generate greater satisfaction among digital travelers.
  • Make the ticket exchange from the eCommerce.

Adapting to your digital traveler is much easier with Reservamos SaaS technology.

The smart search engine has arrived!

The smart search engine has arrived!

The search process that digital travelers carry out to choose the best options for their trips requires search engines capable of satisfying the experience and providing the information they need at the right time.

With this in mind, our R&D team carried out a development that will increase conversion, enhance the experience and streamline the bus ticket purchase process.

Some of the improvements:

  • Smart search suggestions at the click of a button.
  • Origin and destination result in nanoseconds.
  • Results by most popular origins and destinations.

These updates have already had an impact with great results:

  • More traffic for purchase conversion.
  • Less bounce rate.
  • Faster booking process.
Guarantee safe purchases and grow your eCommerce

Guarantee safe purchases and grow your eCommerce

Increasing sales and reducing chargebacks is possible with Reservamos SaaS eCommerce

Ensuring safe purchases for your eCommerce and the traveler is key for your digital channel growth. During Q1 2022, our clients recorded an average payment acceptance rate of 80%, while the chargeback rate was less than 0.3%.

And how do we achieve these metrics? Boosting digital sales does not have to detonate fraud or chargebacks increase. Reservamos SaaS’s eCommerce solution has an Anti-Fraud Module, with a structure of personalized parameters for the bus sector, according to each brand and territory, to increase payment acceptance and reduce chargebacks.

The growth of your eCommerce will not be limited, and you will see an impact on every aspect of your eCommerce:

  • Higher conversion.
  • Reduction in operation costs and payment processing.
  • Have the most popular payment methods.
  • Optimization of the user experience in the purchase process.

The Reservamos SaaS value in terms of payments is our experience, the technology we implement to control and measure payment attempts, and the constant monitoring and support for our clients.

Attract more travelers to your eCommerce

Attract more travelers to your eCommerce

At Reservamos SaaS, the eCommerce solution allows you to create and apply promotional coupons. Through this feature, the operations and marketing teams of the bus lines can design strategies to:

  • Increase traffic on your digital channels.
  • Boost ticket sales anticipation.
  • Develop better strategies, and have greater knowledge about the occupation.
  • Promote strategic destinations linked to different seasonality.
  • Having self-management and a very easy function to use.

With the advice of the Reservamos SaaS Customer Success area, bus companies have implemented marketing strategies based on digital coupons.

The digital sales channel has become a fundamental piece of companies’ growth in diverse sectors, and the bus industry is no exception. At Reservamos SaaS we constantly team up with our clients to design solutions that allow them to generate a greater impact among their travelers and adapt innovative purchasing experiences.

Fare Classes: an attractive and flexible offer for digital travelers

Fare Classes: an attractive and flexible offer for digital travelers

Through Fare Classes, your bus company eCommerce adapts to travelers’ needs and allows you to provide an attractive and flexible offer adjusted to the market.

Bus companies have implemented different strategies, using Reservamos SaaS technology to offer adjusted rates to digital travelers. One case is Greyhound teaming with the Reservamos SaaS development team and implementing 3 differentiated rates in its eCommerce for prices and benefits in baggage, ticket changes, and boarding preferences. The fares are Economic, Extra Economic, and Flexible, where the latter is the most beneficial for the traveler.

Another option to implement Rate Classes is through advance purchase. It is the case of Roll & Bits, which has different rates according to the date chosen to travel and seeks to promote anticipated purchases among digital travelers.

Reservamos SaaS technology brings bus companies the essential tools to increase their competitiveness and get attractive options aligned to what digital travelers are looking for in the market.

NPS strategy to prove the loyalty in booking online tickets

NPS strategy to prove the loyalty in booking online tickets

¡We did it! 2.3x NPS increases above industry standards by measuring and understanding the traveler’s interaction.

In the solutions optimization phase, we rolled out an “NPS strategy” to challenge and test our solutions with Expreso Brasilia’s travelers. Collecting anonymous data, customer evaluations, habits and interactions allowed us to test and make changes to the eCommerce experience.

Digital transformation is not only about software. We feel proud at Reservamos to have introduced a key concept at Expreso Brasilia. This will ultimately benefit the travelers & the Company. Onward & upward.

Improvement in the evaluation of: 

  • Payment methods (cash, transfer, credit card).
  • Search results.
  • 2.3x NPS increase above industry standard.