Your travelers earn points and you earn more sales

Your travelers earn points and you earn more sales

Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform allows you to integrate your loyalty program and pamper your travelers.

The eCommerce platform developed by Reservamos SaaS allows you to tailor all kinds of initiatives to better connect your company with the digital traveler. A very useful marketing strategy to increase the frequency with which your users purchase their bus tickets online is through a loyalty program. This way, you can offer rewards and exclusive benefits that increase traveler retention and loyalty.

With the support of the Reservamos SaaS development team, Mexican company Grupo IAMSA implemented a loyalty program in its eCommerce and mobile applications across its various bus lines. This rewards program provides benefits such as preferential prices, priority boarding, and additional baggage, among others.

Through this integration, travelers can accumulate and use their points on purchases made through eCommerce and applications. Additionally, it is an opportunity for marketing and operations teams to create exclusive promotions and offers and establish a direct communication channel to share these benefits through notifications on both channels.

With a loyalty program, you can:

  • Increase the frequency of purchases for your travelers by motivating the use of accumulated points and taking advantage of offers.
  • Improve traveler retention by creating a bond with them and incentivizing each purchase.
  • Increase the average ticket value by making purchases that add points to the program.
  • Obtain valuable information about each traveler, including their preferences, purchasing habits, and behavior in the purchasing process, and thus improve traveler satisfaction.
  • Increase loyalty to your bus company, recommendations, and greater positioning of your company in the market.

The Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform adapts to your company to implement initiatives that increase sales and connect more effectively with your travelers. Additionally, with the constant support and follow-up of our development team, we guarantee the success of each implemented initiative.

Do you want to lead your sector? An SEO strategy can drive the online growth of your company.

Do you want to lead your sector? An SEO strategy can drive the online growth of your company.

With the SEO module of the Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform, you can improve the positioning of your company on Google.

How can you capitalize on online searches made by travelers and place your company at the top of the search results? It’s important to consider that those who conduct a search through a search engine like Google have the intention to buy. They just need to connect with the most attractive, simple, and secure option. But how can you ensure that your company connects with that digital traveler?

One thing that characterizes our technology, and the development team behind it, is that we are always looking for ways to make the digital channel of your company continue to grow. We achieve this through the technological infrastructure we have created, specialized in your sector.

One of those solutions is the eCommerce platform, which is made up of modules that enhance the digital impact of your online sales channel. And today I want to talk to you about the SEO module.

SEO strategy for the bus sector

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for online growth because it directly impacts the visibility of a website. The SEO module allows your company to take advantage of organic traffic from travelers who conduct searches on Google, to help position your online sales channel through this high-quality traffic. This way, you can connect that traffic to the available offers of your company.

In addition, these pages are easy and quick to create through an automated system. So, if you decide to launch new destinations and routes, you can generate landing pages and content focused on these destinations and start a search engine positioning from the very beginning. This way, your company can:

  • Understand the destinations of interest to your travelers based on their searches.
  • Create 100% personalized landing pages for your company according to the most common routes of your travelers.
  • Improve website positioning by route without paying for ads. This way, you can reduce advertising costs on search engines.
  • Attract visitors with a higher likelihood of completing a purchase based on their search intent.
  • Position your company in the market and increase competitiveness through digital channels.

Through the SEO module of the Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform, you can optimize your online sales channel. Also, you can strengthen your digital presence, generate trust among travelers, and connect more effectively with all those online searches, which will bring more traffic and conversions.

At Reservamos SaaS, we constantly strengthen our digital infrastructure so that your bus company remains innovative.

Do you want to captivate your travelers? An app can be the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

Do you want to captivate your travelers? An app can be the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

At Reservamos SaaS, we specialize in designing applications with high conversion rates and the best ratings in digital stores.

The most convenient, secure, and efficient way for travelers to purchase their bus tickets is through a mobile application. Our mobile devices have become indispensable in providing seamless user experiences, and the bus sector is no exception.

Leading bus companies in the Mexican market, including IAMSA and Grupo Flecha Amarilla, have applications developed by Reservamos SaaS that currently boast high conversion rates of over 50% and ratings of more than 4.5 stars in digital stores.

Apps by Reservamos SaaS

With a mobile application, your company can establish strong, enduring relationships with travelers. If you’re still unsure why you need an application, consider the following reasons:

  • Enhance traveler experience: your travelers will be able to buy tickets more easily and securely, with more payment options.
  • Personalization and loyalty strategies: you can implement loyalty programs and other initiatives to encourage customers to continue traveling with you.
  • Gain insights on your travelers: valuable data on traveler habits and behavior will help you improve services and increase competitiveness.
  • Boost online sales: an app can improve conversion rates, transactions, and additional sales, resulting in cost reduction, process automation, and increased user satisfaction.

What are the benefits of partnering with Reservamos SaaS for app development?

  • We have extensive experience in designing and developing applications for the bus sector.
  • We align your bus company’s needs with those of your travelers to design apps that guarantee ratings of over 4.5 stars in app stores.
  • We excel in interface design and user experience, resulting in attractive, user-friendly apps with conversion rates of over 50%.
  • Our applications undergo constant maintenance and updates, ensuring seamless user experiences.
  • We provide advice and support to implement effective strategies that increase the average ticket price, maintain high conversion rates, and build loyalty and trust.

Ready to connect with your travelers more effectively? Take the first step by exploring the innovations that Reservamos SaaS offers to the bus sector. We’re confident that you’ll be amazed at everything we can do for your bus company.

An eCommerce that allows your travelers to offset their carbon footprint

An eCommerce that allows your travelers to offset their carbon footprint

Hand in hand with Reservamos SaaS technology, Mexican bus line Primera Plus has launched a Carbon Offset initiative, which allows travelers to offset emissions when purchasing their tickets online. This supports regional projects aimed at conserving forests, generating energy from natural and renewable sources, and more.

Carbon credits are a market mechanism that enables companies to offset their greenhouse gas emissions that they cannot directly reduce. This is an effective means of combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices globally.

In the bus industry, the implementation of carbon credits has a major impact on reducing emissions and encourages more sustainable practices. It also connects the company with travelers who seek alternatives from companies focused on a greener future. A recent report by Comscore found that in Mexico 65% of millennial and centennial consumers desire companies to take a stand on environmental and social values that matter to them.

The Reservamos SaaS development team integrated this initiative into the Primera Plus eCommerce and mobile application, offering travelers a way to mitigate the impact of their trips and contribute to efforts that benefit the planet. The carbon credits are available on the bus line’s eCommerce and in its mobile application.

This initiative has been successful among travelers, especially on routes connecting Mexico City with cities like Querétaro, Guadalajara, León, Celaya, and San Luis Potosí, where users show greater interest in obtaining their carbon offset certificates.

By using technology, the bus sector can better understand its passengers and their interests, thus developing strategies to connect with them.

A bus ticket open to all possibilities

A bus ticket open to all possibilities

Has it happened to you that you want to pack your bags and escape to your favorite destination for a few days, but you still haven’t defined your entire itinerary? It would be amazing to have the freedom to buy your bus ticket and choose your day and time of return during your trip, right? It is becoming necessary to have flexible options in the face of new travel trends arising from remote work and digital nomads looking for travel options that suit their needs.

Through Reservamos SaaS technology, your eCommerce platform adapts to your digital traveler to provide a dynamic and flexible shopping experience, according to their needs, throughout the purchase process.

With Open Ticket, your digital traveler can choose their destination, select this option and redeem their bus ticket when they decide, without having to go to the box office, in just a few simple steps through the eCommerce.

Open Ticket allows you to:

  • Boost the sale of round tickets.
  • Raise conversion in your sales funnels.
  • Acquire a competitive advantage vs. air travel.
  • Generate greater satisfaction among digital travelers.
  • Make the ticket exchange from the eCommerce.

Adapting to your digital traveler is much easier with Reservamos SaaS technology.

The smart search engine has arrived!

The smart search engine has arrived!

The search process that digital travelers carry out to choose the best options for their trips requires search engines capable of satisfying the experience and providing the information they need at the right time.

With this in mind, our R&D team carried out a development that will increase conversion, enhance the experience and streamline the bus ticket purchase process.

Some of the improvements:

  • Smart search suggestions at the click of a button.
  • Origin and destination result in nanoseconds.
  • Results by most popular origins and destinations.

These updates have already had an impact with great results:

  • More traffic for purchase conversion.
  • Less bounce rate.
  • Faster booking process.