Carbon credits
An eCommerce that allows your travelers to offset their carbon footprint
February 10, 2023

Hand in hand with Reservamos SaaS technology, Mexican bus line Primera Plus has launched a Carbon Offset initiative, which allows travelers to offset emissions when purchasing their tickets online. This supports regional projects aimed at conserving forests, generating energy from natural and renewable sources, and more.

Carbon credits are a market mechanism that enables companies to offset their greenhouse gas emissions that they cannot directly reduce. This is an effective means of combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices globally.

In the bus industry, the implementation of carbon credits has a major impact on reducing emissions and encourages more sustainable practices. It also connects the company with travelers who seek alternatives from companies focused on a greener future. A recent report by Comscore found that in Mexico 65% of millennial and centennial consumers desire companies to take a stand on environmental and social values that matter to them.

The Reservamos SaaS development team integrated this initiative into the Primera Plus eCommerce and mobile application, offering travelers a way to mitigate the impact of their trips and contribute to efforts that benefit the planet. The carbon credits are available on the bus line’s eCommerce and in its mobile application.

This initiative has been successful among travelers, especially on routes connecting Mexico City with cities like Querétaro, Guadalajara, León, Celaya, and San Luis Potosí, where users show greater interest in obtaining their carbon offset certificates.

By using technology, the bus sector can better understand its passengers and their interests, thus developing strategies to connect with them.

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