New Updates - Electronic Wallet
We integrated Costaline’s electronic wallet into their eCommerce
July 05, 2023

Every purchase made through Costaline’s eCommerce becomes more valuable for their travelers’ wallets and increases loyalty.

At Reservamos SaaS, we are constantly working hand in hand with our partners to offer digital experiences that meet travelers’ needs.

One of the most important stages in the digital sales process is payment. In addition to ensuring secure and reliable sales for both bus companies and travelers, it is also essential to have a wide variety of payment methods and options that help increase user loyalty and provide benefits for their purchases.

With the help of our technology, allied brands like Costaline continuously integrate innovative functionalities into their eCommerce to make it more appealing to users.

One of the functionalities recently integrated by Reservamos SaaS’s development team into Costaline’s eCommerce is the brand’s electronic wallet. This integration allows users to register for the electronic wallet and start enjoying its benefits.

During the digital sales funnel, travelers can see if the selected route has the option to pay with the wallet activated. They can then choose the amount of balance they want to use during the payment process and pay the remaining balance with any other payment method they choose.

At the end of the purchase, travelers can see the details of the balance used from their electronic wallet and deducted from the total cost. Additionally, the travel ticket displays the different payment methods used during their purchase processes.

With the help of Reservamos SaaS’s technology implemented in our partners’ digital channels, it is much easier for bus brands like Costaline to integrate functionalities like their electronic wallet and:

  • Provide more convenient, easy, and secure purchasing experiences for travelers.
  • Have data on travelers’ behavior.
  • Create personalized promotions and loyalty programs.
  • Increase traveler retention and boost frequent purchases.

Reservamos SaaS empowers bus companies’ innovation capabilities to enhance their brands’ competitiveness in response to travelers’ demands and needs. In this way, we ensure that each solution and integration generates a more significant impact on their businesses.

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