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Advantages of having an app

Advantages of having an app to connect with your travelers

April 20, 2023

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

Why should your business have an App and what are its benefits?

According to the report “The State of App Marketing Latin America 2021”, which provides an overview of the mobile application industry in the Latin American region, Mexico stood out as the leader in the Spanish-speaking market, with 1.24 billion downloads, in addition to being located worldwide in the Top 10 of the main app markets with the highest number of downloads.

Digitizing your company and being present in this channel will allow you to have greater visibility and increase your market share. For this reason, we will describe 3 advantages of having an App, as well as important statistics and the impact you can expect on your business.

1. Increase the visibility of your company:

By 2025, the GSMA, an industry organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators around the world, estimates that there will be 422 million smartphones in the region. Without a doubt, the mobile channel is the one with the highest growth and best penetration compared to other devices. Apps account for a large portion of this penetration, being the channel with the best login-to-purchase conversion.

With an App, you remain present in the user’s mind since your logo is always visible on the customer’s smartphone, reminding him that he can use your services to make a trip.

2. An additional sales channel with greater efficiency:

In addition to increasing the visibility of your company, you can have a much more efficient channel to convert to sales. Customers who buy through mobile applications have 2 characteristics of great importance to brands, such as:

  • More recurrent customers: Users who have a brand App on their smartphones are 74% more recurrent than web or mobile web users. Recurrence is important because it is cheaper for the company to sell to a customer who has already bought, reducing the acquisition cost, vs. attracting a new customer.
  • Customers with higher conversion to sales (efficiency): Customers who have your App on their mobile devices buy more than users who do so through any other available sales channel. This is because the app generates more confidence when it comes to registering bank details, a situation that occurs in eCommerce in general and not just in the travel industry. The conversion per channel that we have studied in our sector is as follows:
    • Applications = 6x
    • Web = 3x
    • Mobile Web = 1

3. Customer loyalty:

It is important not to confuse customer satisfaction with loyalty; Although customer satisfaction influences brand loyalty, this does not mean that the customer cannot opt ​​for other services that provide greater comfort. However, having your own App will allow you to provide added value to your users by facilitating the purchase process, with faster and easier access. Above all, take advantage of the reviews you receive to continue improving and increase the satisfaction of your users.

What is the impact of having an App?

As we mentioned before, with an App you will have better efficiency and recurrence. Just visualize this: With a mobile app you will be able to convert a percentage of the volume of clients that you have in a channel such as the mobile web to a user of your native application that will always have you at the Top of Mind when deciding how to travel, and this at their turn translates into increased profits by having a more efficient channel with higher conversion.

If you know what your company needs and you have the necessary equipment, go ahead! Otherwise, you can find companies dedicated to the development of applications specifically for your industry, which can help you have an application adapted to your market, offer, and audience, making your costs, development time, and expected success more efficient.

At Reservamos SaaS we not only have the experience to develop the App for your bus company, but we also have the best ratings in mobile apps and success stories in the sector.

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