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alerts by competitor within an OTA
BrainPROS is the precision your company needs to monitor the market
November 01, 2023

Set up various types of alerts to stay updated in real-time about changes in your market, and adapt your offerings more agilely.

Monitoring the market and closely following factors such as price changes and occupancy on each route and schedule is crucial for a bus company. Tools that help your operational teams broaden their perspective to design and execute pricing strategies more agilely can be the difference between achieving growth objectives and falling behind. Proper market monitoring is essential to ensure an efficient and profitable operation for your company.

However, undoubtedly, this exercise can be complex and consume a significant amount of time and resources from your team, potentially leading to missed growth opportunities. At Reservamos SaaS, we specialize not only in strengthening your digital sales channels but also in providing the most suitable tools for your company to efficiently and effectively monitor market changes and stay ahead.

The Smart Alerts and Recommendations module, integrated into BrainPROS, our Revenue Management system, allows you to configure various types of notifications for real-time market monitoring. Among its latest features is the option to create alerts for partners within a chosen OTA or Marketplace competitor.

This new feature meets the need to monitor and set alerts for each partner available within an OTA’s website. This way, your company can receive notices about specific price changes and occupancy within a competitor on an OTA. Regardless of how extensive an OTA or Marketplace’s offerings are and how many competitors they include, your company can keep a close eye on each of them.

The precision in real-time data collection and analysis provided by BrainPROS through its various modules is the path to optimize your company’s operational capacity, allowing your teams to focus on identifying opportunities, adjusting prices, and increasing occupancy quickly to meet the changing demands of travelers. With Reservamos SaaS, your company can make more informed decisions and stay one step ahead in an ever-evolving market.

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