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Regain control of your ticket sales

July 10, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

Get to know your fans and give them a better buying experience with exclusive benefits only your club can provide them.  

In Latin America, football clubs and sports teams need to adopt new business models. Despite advanced technologies such as real-time statistics and facial recognition, most teams still rely on ticket marketplaces (i.e. websites that sell tickets for multiple types of events). This approach and commercial dependence limit the benefits for both clubs and fans.

The most valuable football clubs in the world by 2024, according to a recent article published by Forbes, share an important strategy: direct selling through their official channels. These teams have an emphasis on implementing smart pricing strategies, collecting and analyzing data on the buying behavior of their fans, having direct communication without intermediaries, offer them benefits, news, loyalty programs and promotions, among others.

This approach allows clubs to fully control their sales and purchase flow, pricing strategies, marketing and data analysis, optimizing two key metrics:

  1. Sales
  2. Fan experience

Industries such as hospitality and airlines have demonstrated the benefits of a direct selling strategy. Marriott, for example, offers a more personalized experience to its guests, through its own sales channels. Airlines, on the other hand, generate up to 90% of their revenue through direct sales, thus reducing the dependence on distributors; and consequently generating an important database that makes each airline more valuable in capital markets.

In industries such as travel and tourism, OTAs (online travel agencies) generate intrinsic value as consumers compare prices and benefits among thousands of options.

Unlike sports, Real Madrid’s fans do not seek to compare prices of other matches; their interest is to attend their team’s matches. This makes a direct selling strategy even more relevant in this area.

What are the benefits of direct ticket sales?

The direct sale of tickets in sports clubs offers many significant benefits for both themselves and their fans. 

For clubs it allows greater control over the buying experience, from the customization of the user interface to the implementation of smart pricing strategies; and by eliminating intermediaries, clubs retain a greater share of revenue, increasing their profitability. 

In addition, direct selling facilitates the collection of valuable data on their fan’s behavior, which allows them to develop more effective and personalized marketing strategies, and thus promote greater loyalty.

For fans, direct purchase guarantees the legitimacy of their tickets, avoiding common scams in the resale of these. Not to mention the decrease in fees vs ticket costs and the opportunity to get greater benefits like points and exclusive offers.

Reservamos SaaS, your new ally to promote direct sales

Through specialized technology, Reservamos SaaS transforms digital ticket sales through a dynamic, efficient and customizable platform for any brand and their needs, thus ensuring a better digital shopping experience. 

Here are 10 benefits you can generate by regaining control of your sales with Reservamos SaaS:

  1. +15% increase in sales
  2. 40% reduction in fan’s fees
  3. Increased your club’s valuation
  4. Minimum ROI of 120%
  5. Greater fan’s loyalty
  6. Fraud reduction
  7. Increase in payment approval rate
  8. Control over an official secondary market
  9. Ancillary sales and complementary services
  10. Speed in innovation

Implementing personalized and efficient technology to the online direct sales channel of a sports club, such as the one developed by Reservamos SaaS, not only facilitates direct sales but also offers marketing tools and data analysis that boosts fans’ loyalty and pricing strategies.
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