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BrainPROS Panic Button
Take control of your pricing strategy with just one click
May 24, 2023

With the Panic Button, BrainPROS gives you the agility and efficiency needed to act in real-time.

BrainPROS offers not only a broader vision and answers to the questions that bus companies have about their market but also a solution that provides greater agility to operational teams to manage resources and perform various actions more efficiently.

In addition to the Pricing Strategy module, which allows companies to easily apply intelligent prices to their routes, BrainPROS also features a Panic Button.

The Panic Button functions as a switch that allows bus companies to deactivate the dynamic prices set in their eCommerce through BrainPROS. With this functionality, companies have three options:

  • General shutdown: Activated by pressing the “Disable Discounts” button on the initial screen within the “Routes” menu. This deactivates all discounts for all routes.
  • Selected route: Activated by pressing the “Disable Discounts” button to deactivate all active strategies for a specific Origin-Destination pair.
  • Selected terminal: Found within one of the terminal combinations within a route. Pressing the “Disable Discounts” button makes the discounts disappear only within the selected terminal combination.

This functionality enables operational teams to react in real-time and more agilely to the behavior of travelers and the market, ensuring higher revenues and ticket sales on different routes. Whether it’s a human error when loading prices or during peak seasons when demand exceeds expectations, Revenue Management, Pricing, Operations, and Marketing teams can ensure greater profitability for travelers by modifying strategies according to market trends at that moment.

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