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Mass download report with price and occupancy history
Receive detailed reports with the price and occupancy history of your market
November 08, 2023

With the help of BrainPROS, you can gain a deeper understanding of your competitors and your market.

At Reservamos SaaS, we understand that identifying opportunities to grow your sales can be overwhelming. There are various factors to consider, such as price variations in the market, or the occupancy percentage for both your competitors and your routes. The speed at which you react to these changes can be the difference between gaining or losing competitiveness. That’s why we have developed technology to streamline every operational process and help you effectively boost your company’s growth.

BrainPROS is a Revenue Management system capable of answering your market-related questions. Through one of its modules called Smart Alerts and Recommendations, you can schedule notifications to stay updated on real-time price offerings in your market and receive information on rate fluctuations and occupancy on each route, both for your company and your competitors.

An essential feature within this module is the ability to download data from configured alerts in bulk, compiled in an Excel sheet. We have also integrated the option to generate a report so that you can track price changes over time for a specific route and a specific competitor. This way, your company can closely monitor price elasticity and gain a detailed understanding of the impact of price on occupancy.

Through our technology, at Reservamos SaaS, we have specialized in understanding each of your company’s needs and opportunities to grow. That’s why BrainPROS has become a crucial tool for facilitating and streamlining real-time market monitoring and providing you with the necessary information to anticipate and create more effective Revenue Management strategies.

With BrainPROS, your company gains a deeper insight into your competition and the market as a whole, enabling you to make informed decisions to stay ahead.

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