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Build vs Rent technology-The dilemma for bus companies looking for a better digital strategy

March 28, 2022

Written by Fernando Aguilera

It all boils down to one question: do you own a software company or do you sell products and services online?

When it comes to analyzing the digital strategy that you would implement in your organization, it all comes down to one question: do you have a software company or do you sell products and services online?

This question refers to the fact that there are mainly two strategies that will help you develop your online platform. The first is Build, that is, create a solution from scratch, using Business Intelligence tools. The second is Rent, that is, renting a platform with pre-built content. Do you know which one suits your business?

If your company wants to run a completely new platform and with a key differentiator, then the option is to hire a team of developers and create a special area within your company, to create a completely custom site and build it from scratch. However, although most organizations can find the budget to develop the first version, the real problem is maintenance, because in each version the changes affect the next phase and all the inconsistencies need to be resolved. Your platform will require constant updates to keep it up to date with the accelerated pace of innovation in eCommerce technology, the changing vision of your business, and digital user behavior. This makes building your platform a never-ending cycle of costs and attention, constantly distracting you from your core mission: the product or service you offer your customers.

Needless to say, choosing the Build strategy is not a smart investment if your organization is not completely dedicated to technology development.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to a rental model including faster time to market, easier integrations with open SaaS APIs, lower up-front costs, and it’s generally easier for you to set up, which reduces the burden on your operational and technology team. SaaS solutions move maintenance to your technology provider, who has a comprehensive understanding of the business, provides constantly improved value, and offers a business model focused on making costs predictable, both in the initial phases and in upgrades.

The general concern with SaaS is whether it will be fully featured, or customizable enough, to meet the specific requirements your company has and the industry you are in. But with the opening of platforms and more APIs the flexibility of the rental option has grown more and more. Another concern for companies is the follow-up that a technology provider can deliver according to the challenges and growth of the digital platform. In this sense, it is important to consider the alternatives offered by the market and the experience and support that each one provides. A supplier specialized in your sector will provide you with a lot of knowledge and vision that your company can take advantage of to offer a better service.

Building truly personalized experiences through a robust and scalable SaaS eCommerce platform is absolutely possible. In addition, through this model you can dedicate yourself to what you know how to do best and leave the optimization of your digital platform in expert hands, without losing sight of what interests your customers the most.

At Reservamos SaaS we can help you implement your digital platform. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about your options.

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