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BrainPROS bulk data download
With BrainPROS, you receive key market data directly to your email
May 24, 2023

Introducing bulk data download to facilitate market analysis.

One of the most valuable assets for effective Revenue Management strategies is the data and information that companies have to enhance the accuracy of their decisions.

BrainPROS provides that accuracy to bus companies by providing answers to their market questions. One of the features that facilitate analysis for our partners is bulk data download. This allows operational teams to download a single file with all the configured market routes from the Competitor Monitor within a specified period of time, based on the company’s monitoring needs.

Data download is among the top 5 actions performed by our partners in BrainPROS. Therefore, we aim to provide a simpler, more practical, and efficient way to make the information generated by BrainPROS available to operational teams, so that it can be transferred to their internal analysis services and tools.

In addition to downloading individual reports based on a company’s search in the Competitor Monitor to generate summarized and detailed reports, now they can also perform a bulk download to:

  • Download information and data without the need for a prior search.
  • Select multiple routes and filters in a simple or detailed manner, depending on the information they want to analyze.
  • Directly download their reports and receive a link with the generated report in their email.

This way, we ensure that we have reports ready when our partners need them. The answers about your market have never been clearer and faster with the help of BrainPROS and the Competitor Monitor.

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