Digitization in bus companies

Digitization in bus companies

February 15, 2023

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

An efficient eCommerce allows you to improve brand positioning, build trust in the industry and attract new customers.

When bus companies consider ways to diversify their sales channels and reach customers of different profiles and generations, the answer is always to go digital. Purchasing habits are changing, and digital travelers are looking for brands they can connect with through their devices.

Having an optimal eCommerce platform allows companies to improve their brand positioning, build trust in the industry, and attract new customers. However, it is no longer enough to have an attractive website; it must also be functional and secure and become one of the most important sales channels as a digital box office is the easiest and cheapest way to sell tickets.

Digitization and data management

Digitization and data management are crucial in this regard. According to Statista, Brazil has the largest number of Internet users in Latin America, with a total of 165 million connected Brazilians, while Mexico ranks second with 96 million online users. Furthermore, Google analyzed Latin American digital travelers in 2022 and found that 93% of people surveyed searched for something related to travel, and 84% saw ads on this topic.

Faced with an increasingly competitive landscape and a more dynamic public than ever, the land transport sector, specifically buses, needs a digital strategy that allows users to transform their information into sales opportunities. “Using the information obtained through digital tools in your business is the best way to stand out because it makes the operation more efficient,” explains Sebastián Gómez, co-founder at Reservamos.

The collected data plays a crucial role and must be analyzed and used to meet and improve the needs of both travelers and the company. Personalization and traveler loyalty are key objectives to generate a better online experience and monetize loyalty. Rodrigo Cobo, executive director of Talaria Marketing and Reservamos Advisor, believes that marketing strategies based on obtaining and analyzing traveler data are what allow for much greater and more successful segmentation.

A company that is 100% offline is no longer 100% competitive

For new generations, it is essential to find their favorite services online, as this is their first source of research. Therefore, a company that has not taken the step towards digitalization loses the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. According to Statista, Latin America has nearly 300 million eCommerce users.

“The ability to choose and compare between different brands and the mapping of all routes is essential today. It provides a lot of value not only for users but also for healthy competition between the bus companies,” says Javier Valdez, co-founder of MaaS Latam and Communications and Marketing Manager of Endeavor Mexico.

Digital transformation not only helps companies to be more cost-efficient, but it also increases sales and creates loyalty within the tourism industry. It is crucial for any company today, as Sebastián Gómez explains: “Before, entering the digital market was a differentiator; now, it is a fundamental pillar just to be able to compete with the rest.”

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