Doters Integration Primera Plus
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November 29, 2023

Learn about the process of integrating the Doters loyalty program into Primera Plus’s eCommerce.

At Reservamos SaaS, we work day in and day out with our partners to ensure that their eCommerce platforms provide the best digital shopping experience for their travelers. Our technology and product team services bus companies to carry out integrations linked to marketing strategies, aiming to enhance competitiveness and increase sales. One of these projects involves integrating loyalty programs into the eCommerce platforms of bus companies, as it proves to be an excellent option for fostering greater traveler retention.

One of our partners, the Mexican bus line Primera Plus, sought to integrate the Doters loyalty program into its eCommerce platform. The technology and product team at Reservamos SaaS collaborated with both brands to make this possible.

Doters is a loyalty program developed by the Mexican airline Viva, focused on rewarding frequent travelers. Its partners include the airline, as well as ground transportation and financial services. The program has three levels (green, silver, and gold) with different benefits for users.

What is the advantage of having a specialized technology partner in your industry for such integrations? Each integration presents challenges and complexities to consider. In the case of a loyalty program, one of the most crucial factors is adhering to business rules and ensuring that every possible scenario for the traveler is seamlessly fulfilled within the eCommerce platform, without any friction. Reservamos SaaS provided the necessary support and guidance to make this business strategy successful, thus continuing to drive sales and traveler loyalty.

Having a loyalty program within your company’s eCommerce platform offers significant benefits, one of the most important being the ability to encourage more travelers to make their purchases online through your bus company’s direct channels.

For the integration of Doters into Primera Plus’s eCommerce platform, the technology and product team at Reservamos SaaS worked in stages to ensure the success of this integration. This process also involved the app to achieve consistency in service between the web version and the app, ensuring traveler satisfaction regardless of where the purchase is made.

What can travelers do when making a transaction with Doters?

  • Pay with points.
  • Accumulate and pay with points.
  • Pay with points and a credit card.
  • Pay with a credit card and accumulate points.
  • An important point is that ancillaries do not accumulate points, and points cannot be used to pay for any of those additional services.

How can travelers use the loyalty program? Travelers need to log in to use and accumulate their points. Here, the Reservamos SaaS team worked to create informative banners at each stage of the purchase funnel, encouraging login and providing greater clarity to the traveler on how to use points during the transaction. At the end of the purchase, the traveler receives detailed information about their purchase via email, along with information about Doters. Additionally, the digital ticket displays payment information, Doters member number, points used, amount in pesos, and additional Doters information.

Customizing and adapting your eCommerce platform is possible with the right guidance. With the help of our technology, your company has the flexibility to implement strategies that boost sales and strengthen connections with your travelers. Through our development and product team, we provide ongoing support for your initiatives to ensure the digital success of your company.

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