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Doters Loyalty Program
Your travelers earn points and you earn more sales
March 17, 2023

Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform allows you to integrate your loyalty program and pamper your travelers.

The eCommerce platform developed by Reservamos SaaS allows you to tailor all kinds of initiatives to better connect your company with the digital traveler. A very useful marketing strategy to increase the frequency with which your users purchase their bus tickets online is through a loyalty program. This way, you can offer rewards and exclusive benefits that increase traveler retention and loyalty.

With the support of the Reservamos SaaS development team, Mexican company Grupo IAMSA implemented a loyalty program in its eCommerce and mobile applications across its various bus lines. This rewards program provides benefits such as preferential prices, priority boarding, and additional baggage, among others.

Through this integration, travelers can accumulate and use their points on purchases made through eCommerce and applications. Additionally, it is an opportunity for marketing and operations teams to create exclusive promotions and offers and establish a direct communication channel to share these benefits through notifications on both channels.

With a loyalty program, you can:

  • Increase the frequency of purchases for your travelers by motivating the use of accumulated points and taking advantage of offers.
  • Improve traveler retention by creating a bond with them and incentivizing each purchase.
  • Increase the average ticket value by making purchases that add points to the program.
  • Obtain valuable information about each traveler, including their preferences, purchasing habits, and behavior in the purchasing process, and thus improve traveler satisfaction.
  • Increase loyalty to your bus company, recommendations, and greater positioning of your company in the market.

The Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform adapts to your company to implement initiatives that increase sales and connect more effectively with your travelers. Additionally, with the constant support and follow-up of our development team, we guarantee the success of each implemented initiative.

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