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The Good Seat
Primera Plus a Mexican bus line takes its travelers to their final destination.
March 30, 2023

Our development team constantly applies their knowledge and experience to improve the architecture of Reservamos SaaS’s eCommerce platform, making it much easier for your company to integrate any necessary requirements that help connect better with the traveler.

With the help of Reservamos SaaS’s team, the Mexican bus line Primera Plus implemented the first and last-mile options in their eCommerce platform. This way, travelers can book their transfers from their homes to the terminal and from the terminal to their final destination. Through this option, Primera Plus provides a service that guarantees a complete and satisfactory transport experience for the traveler, from the moment they leave their house to when they reach their final destination.

With this option, travelers can book the transfer service after completing their purchase flow, and have access to a more complete and convenient service. In addition, this integration allows the bus line to differentiate itself more in its market and offer added value to its customers.

A fundamental part of Reservamos SaaS’s development team is their ability to work together with bus companies, thus integrating the necessary requirements for the best functioning of bus brands and lines in a practical and straightforward way.

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