Recommended Trips
Maximize your Revenue and Enhance the Shopping Experience with Recommended Trips
May 29, 2024

In the fast-paced world of bus travel, where every minute and every experience counts, the ability to find the perfect travel option can make the difference between a hassle-free adventure and a journey filled with obstacles. At Reservamos SaaS, we are committed to transforming the bus ticket purchasing experience through advanced technologies and continuous updates to our eCommerce platform. One of the latest additions is the Recommended Trips feature. We designed this to enhance the user experience and maximize the revenue of our partners.

What Are Recommended Trips?

Recommended Trips is a feature that uses advanced algorithms to offer users a personalized selection of trips that fit their needs and preferences. This feature considers various factors, such as travel duration, price, itinerary, and ticket categories, to provide accurate and meaningful recommendations.

Objectives of Recommended Trips

The implementation of this feature has several key objectives:

  • Improve the purchase experience: By providing personalized recommendations, travelers can more quickly find the trip that best suits their needs.
  • Maximize revenue: By increasing the relevance of recommendations, completed purchases and average ticket prices increase.
  • Stay competitive: Bus companies can remain competitive by offering a modern and personalized shopping experience.
Recommended Trips

How Do Recommended Trips Work?

The magic behind Recommended Trips lies in its ability to understand and adapt to each user’s unique purchasing behavior. Here’s a breakdown of the different components involved in generating these recommendations:

  • Duration Recommendations: This component evaluates the duration of available trips and prioritizes those that are shorter or align with the user’s duration preferences. If all trips have the same duration, this component does not recommend any trip.
  • Price Recommendations: This component considers the price of each trip and recommends those that fit the user’s budget. Similar to the duration component, if all trips have the same price, no recommendations of this type are offered.
  • Itinerary Recommendations (The Favorite): This is the crown jewel of Recommended Trips. By analyzing purchase history and attempts, this component generates highly personalized recommendations that consider factors such as departure time, arrival time, and the user’s itinerary preferences. The more historical data we have on the user, the more accurate this recommendation will be.
  • Category Recommendations: This component uses the user’s history to identify the ticket categories they have previously purchased, prioritizing trips that offer discounts or specific options according to the user’s category preferences. For example, if a senior frequently looks for discounted tickets for their category, the system prioritizes trips that offer these options.
  • General Recommendations: As a complement, this component identifies trips recommended by multiple criteria (duration, price, itinerary, etc.), adding extra value to these recommendations. For example, a trip recommended for its itinerary, price, and duration will be highlighted as an excellent offer.

Achieved Results

The Recommended Trips feature has proven to be effective in multiple aspects:

  • Increase in completed purchases: Users find trips that fit their preferences more quickly, reducing cart abandonment rates.
  • Higher average ticket price: By offering more relevant trips, users are willing to pay more, increasing the average ticket price.
  • Higher revenue for our partners: With more completed purchases and a higher average ticket price, companies see a significant increase in their revenue.

Benefits for Travelers and Our Partners

Recommended Trips not only benefit users by providing highly personalized and convenient travel options but also generate significant impacts for bus companies.

For Travelers:

  • Enhanced User Experience: By simplifying the ticket search and booking process, Recommended Trips offer a more intuitive, seamless, and pleasant user experience.
  • Time Savings in Purchase: By receiving precise recommendations, users do not have to spend as much time searching for the ideal trip.
  • Greater Trip Relevance: Personalized recommendations ensure that users find trips that truly interest them.

For Our Partners:

  • Increased Sales and Customer Retention: By presenting users with the most relevant and attractive travel options, the likelihood of completing a booking and returning for future purchases increases.
  • Reinforced Competitiveness: By staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, bus companies can remain competitive in an ever-evolving market.
  • Greater Operational Efficiency: By optimizing the ticket booking and sales process, bus companies can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with customer service and technical support.

At Reservamos SaaS, we are committed to driving the bus travel industry forward with intelligent, user-centered technological solutions like Recommended Trips. We are excited to continue working in collaboration with our partner companies to offer unparalleled travel experiences that exceed our users’ expectations at every step of the journey.

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