NPS Survey highlights Online Purchasing Experience


July 19, 2022

Through an NPS survey conducted on one of the Grupo IAMSA bus lines, we were capable of measuring the main steps of our eCommerce purchasing funnel, understanding the brand loyalty level, and benefit both travelers’ experience and the digital channel growth.

The results are outstanding, above 70 points, and we find a very high value in the following steps within the traveler purchase experience:

  • Origin and destination search – Very intuitive!
  • Excellent payment options.
  • I received immediately in my email my confirmation and tickets.

According to the survey, travelers highlighted the purchasing experience and their preference for the brand to continue buying and recommending it to other users. The NPS strategy score from this exercise exceeded other industries, such as eCommerce and transportation services.

Technology empowers us as companies and empowers our travelers to make better decisions in less time.

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