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Revenue Management System New Feature: Travel Listing
Optimizing your Pricing Strategy with New Feature in the Revenue Management System: Travel Listing 
May 15, 2024

At Reservamos SaaS, we’re excited to introduce our latest innovation in Revenue Management technology: Travel Listing. We designed this new functionality to revolutionize the way bus companies manage their prices and make strategic decisions.

What is the Travel Listing in the Revenue Management System?

The Travel Listing is a powerful tool that provides an overview and comparison of fares and availability on different routes and schedules, all in one easy-to-reference table. Now, without the need to download multiple files or make complicated comparisons, you can quickly access the data you need to make informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  1. Agility: With the Travel Listing, get the data you need more quickly and efficiently. You no longer have to waste time searching and comparing information in multiple places.
  2. Practicality: Simplify your decision-making process by having all the relevant information in a single comparative table. With intuitive filters, such as route, service base, competitor, schedule, and days of the week, you can easily refine your search for specific information.
  3. Comparative: Better understand the competitive landscape by easily comparing your rates and availability. And analyze them with those of your competitors on one specific route and schedule. This allows you to adjust your pricing strategy in a more precise and effective way.

How Does the Travel Listing in the Revenue Management System Work?

The Travel Listing uses advanced Revenue Management technology to gather and analyze real-time data on demand, occupancy, and purchase anticipation. It also informs you if dynamic pricing is being applied (or not) for that route. With this information, our system generates intelligent price recommendations. This optimize your revenue and strengthen the operational performance of your bus company.

Here are some of the data you can obtain with our Travel Listing:

Listening to Our Allies

At Reservamos SaaS, we deeply value the feedback of our allies. Every update we make, including the addition of the Travel Listing, is the direct result of listening to and responding to the needs and desires of our community. We are committed to providing technological solutions that add real value to your business and help you achieve your growth and success goals.

Discover how the Travel Listing can transform your approach to pricing strategy and help you make more informed decisions.

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