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How Reservamos SaaS technology helps bus companies

How Reservamos SaaS technology helps bus companies?

July 8, 2022

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

Discover the technological infrastructure created to boost your bus company.

Reservamos SaaS was born from the opportunity to provide bus companies with optimized technology to promote and sell their tickets; through a dynamic, safe, and effective eCommerce strengthened with tools and solutions that adapt to the needs of digital travelers. Reservamos SaaS is the technological infrastructure bus lines need to boost online ticket sales with a global impact. In this way, Reservamos SaaS solutions lead the transformation of the bus sector towards ticket office digitization.

But how did it all start?

Reservamos’ journey began under the vision of its founders Sebastián Gómez, Andrés Sucre, and Adrián Cuadros, who from the beginning has proposed to transform how bus tickets are sold and adapt this sector to the new digital travelers’ needs.

The adventure began after realizing that while the lines at the ticket offices of the bus terminals were endless and it became increasingly difficult to buy a bus ticket, the digital channels of these companies were little used. Besides that many bus companies had made heavy investments in developing digital channels internally without achieving the desired objectives.

That is how they decided to become the provider of travel technology, which today helps bus companies obtain better results and achieve smarter sales through solutions that drive the sector’s growth.

The Path to Innovation

The Reservamos SaaS team designed the platform to be the digital ecosystem of any bus line. The Reservamos SaaS technology allows bus lines to configure the different features, tools, and integrations to boost their business growth according to the needs of digital travelers and the personality of each bus line.

The benefits of having Reservamos SaaS technology are:

  • Turn the brand’s eCommerce into its best version by transforming its digital channel to position it as the company’s biggest revenue engine.
  • Provide technology and work teams that support the development of a new eCommerce with support and advice at no cost.
  • Reduce the sales costs of a physical box office through digital channel growth.

Technological infrastructure


Reservamos SaaS provides an effective eCommerce platform that helps strengthen the digital channel, increase sales, and reduce costs while allowing bus companies to understand the needs and behavior of digital travelers.

Reservamos SaaS eCommerce is a dynamic, personalized, and efficient platform for buying and selling tickets online. It has the best anti-fraud system in the industry, with average levels of 0.3% and a +80% payment acceptance rate. In addition to providing relevant metrics and data on traveler behavior and marketing tools helping brands to promote themselves and have more efficient online campaigns.


Creation of apps available on iOS and Android, and their constant updating to guarantee optimal operation according to the needs of digital travelers. Reservamos SaaS also offers a product with a rating of more than 4.5 stars in digital stores and a friendly and efficient purchasing experience, which increases the level of downloads.


It is the first Revenue Management solution with data science designed for the bus sector. It allows you to offer the right price at the right time. And it helps create pricing strategies based on booking history, traveler behavior, competition, seasonality, purchase anticipation, and occupancy.

Competitor Monitor

It is a web tool that allows bus line profiles such as price analysts, data analysts, operations managers, and sales managers, among others, to visualize the behavior of the market and have an overview regarding the price offer. This module is part of BrainPROS, the first dynamic pricing solution created by Reservamos SaaS, customized for the bus sector. The Competitor Monitor optimizes the public market data analysis, through technology used in other sectors, such as the airline industry.

The main objective of the Competitor Monitor is to empower bus lines so that they can boost the effectiveness of their strategy according to market behavior. Through this technology, bus lines have updated and automatic information on the routes and prices of their markets at their fingertips.

The Reservamos SaaS team accompanies the management and development of each project, providing support for operational issues, and providing advice on the implementation of each solution, to ensure a positive impact on the conversion and revenue of the eCommerce, through a greater and better connection between the digital traveler and the bus lines.

Towards the digitization of the box office

Reservamos SaaS has offered powerful solutions, ranging from eCommerce for the reservation and sale of tickets on the web, mobile web, and apps to developing and operating a dynamic pricing strategy with its revenue management, and even a system to analyze the market performance. Through the constant development and application of new technologies focused on the experience of digital travelers, understanding of consumption habits, and the development and management of a marketing strategy according to digital travelers’ needs.

Today, Reservamos SaaS provides technology to the most important land passenger transport brands in Mexico, the United States of America, and Colombia, such as Primera Plus, ETN-Turistar, Autovías, La Línea, Pegasso, Sur de Jalisco, Roll & Bits, Península, ATN, Fypsa, Expreso Brasilia, and Rápido Ochoa. And it continues with its vision of expanding its market throughout the world.

Connecting with the digital traveler and boosting your digital sales channel is possible with the right technology and support. At Reservamos SaaS, innovation is our engine, and we accompany bus companies toward their online growth.

Let your bus company be part of this digital transformation. We are innovation speed!

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