5 new technologies to transform your bus line eCommerce

June 8, 2022

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

These are the trends that will grow your eCommerce platform and your business.

The first step in developing your eCommerce platform should be the implementation of new technologies, according to Jose Luis Moreno, Regional Vice President of Hispanic Operations for Greyhound Lines

In Mexico, eCommerce is one of the fast-growing areas both in the national and international markets, so having allies that help you implement these 5 eCommerce trends is essential to succeed in your business:

  1. Voice Assistant

According to Google, using voice assistants can drive more conversions from smart speakers, improving revenue for eCommerce stores. According to Statista 3.25 billion people worldwide are currently using voice-activated search assistants.

  1. Multi-channel sales

It is no longer enough to have a single storefront, or sale point, from which you sell all your products. Currently, having an omnichannel or multi-store strategy is key to growing your eCommerce platform. Whether a company focuses on different niches or markets, take advantage of existing markets or new sales channels. An example is Pinduoduo, China’s second-largest eCommerce company, which grew to be valued in public markets at $100 billion in just five years by exploring new sales channels such as social media.

  1. Mobile Optimization

It’s a fact that mobile usage beats desktop, so mobile optimization and compatibility are crucial as it directly affects your online store’s ability to rank on Google. According to OuterBox, 40% of mobile users will look to a competitor after a bad mobile experience.

  1. Machine Learning

One of the great benefits of having an eCommerce platform is to managing data from users and understanding their needs based on the analysis of that information. Through machine learning, you will be able to make more personalized sales suggestions and predict the behavior of your travelers. According to Business Insider, a digital business, technology, and innovation magazine, eCommerce that implements personalization strategies increases its sales profits from 6% to 10%.

  1. Cybersecurity

Your business needs to have a good security system for data protection. Not only do you need strong control procedures, but simplify the authenticity process. For this, a feature such as an e-wallet is ideal.

Greyhound Lines has focused on applying new technologies to its eCommerce platform, which has allowed it to reach 60% of online sales of total ticket sales. Through these tools, you can offer unique experiences and greater interaction with your customers and increase transactions.

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