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Innovation and Technology: Our AI Hackathon

June 21, 2023

Written by Reservamos Team

In some way, I feel that the future of our jobs will be similar to this Hackathon process. Lots of brainstorming and discussions about how we envision new solutions, leaving execution processes to artificial intelligence. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had at work. – Elías Matheus, CTO of Reservamos.

Author: Elías Matheus, CTO of Reservamos.

2022 was a year full of discoveries in Artificial Intelligence. Many technologies with unprecedented capabilities have emerged. However, it is essential to recognize that implementing AI entails significant challenges, such as job displacement, bias, discrimination, privacy, and security. At Reservamos, we are committed to being part of this transformation responsibly, and proactively addressing these challenges.

With this spirit, we organized the first AI-focused Hackathon at Reservamos in May. The goal was to explore tools that would allow us to imagine new future innovations.

The first step was to conduct virtual brainstorming sessions to identify the challenges we wanted to address and generate ideas based on technology. More than 100 proposals emerged from various areas of the company! It was a creative process where we discussed their needs and realized that there were many projects with common requirements.

Out of those ideas, we selected 15. On May 18th, we gathered physically in our offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Mérida, as well as virtually with more Reservamos team members located in other cities and countries.

A total of 36 Reservamos collaborators participated. We explored everything from content generation products, chatbots for more direct traveler connections, and projects for enhanced user personalization on websites, to internal tools for speeding up data analysis processes, API integrations, and quality control processes, among others.

Some examples we tested were:

Illustrations with Midjourney

Imagining new landing pages with dynamic content

Apps that help us summarize user feedback

And why is all this important?

With these demos, we can get an idea of the future of our industry and our organization. Undoubtedly, AI has the power to transform our technological ecosystem and improve the way we carry out each of our internal processes at Reservamos.

At Reservamos, we want to be part of this transformation. We know that artificial intelligence will be the key to being the ally that continues to drive companies in our sector to achieve great things with the help of the most effective tools.

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