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Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS

The Value of Sharing Knowledge and Exploring New Ideas: Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS

May 3, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

Reservamos SaaS drives learning value with spaces created for your team members to share ideas and acquire new knowledge. 

Reservamos SaaS is a technology ecosystem created to drive the digital growth of bus companies. In that sense, continuous learning and exploration of new technologies are key to staying current and being more productive. 

As part of continuous learning, members of the Reservamos SaaS Technology team have proposed initiatives to share knowledge and foster new skills. These are the Growth Afternoons, which are aligned with one of our four core values which is learning. With this value, we aim to take advantage of every challenge or project to develop a new skill or improve it. We learn fast to grow faster. Three other values accompany the learning value and together guide our mission and vision: creativity, resilience, and empathy.  

What are the Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS?

The Growth Afternoons —an initiative proposed by Elias Matheus, CTO at Reservamos SaaS— arose with the objective of providing a space dedicated to learning and exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, in order to streamline the software development process and be more productive. 

Initially, the growth afternoons were mainly oriented to the Technology team but were later opened to the entire organization. These are conducted through the Google Meets tool so that all team members, regardless of their location, can join for an hour during working hours on Thursdays. 

The sessions began with technical talks led by the Technology team but eventually branched out to include discussions of past work experiences, visions, and insights from team members. 

In addition, product demonstrations and discussions about internal initiatives were introduced, such as power-ups, which are internal projects proposed by members of the various Reservamos SaaS teams that can be useful internally in the company.

As the initiative has evolved, it has become a space for sharing knowledge and practicing soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. Although participation in the activities is not mandatory, everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to grow professionally and contribute to collective learning.

It is optional because, in the end over time, we agree that learning cannot be forced. You have to be in the creative mode to learn or explore something new. That’s why we continued to do what we had planned at the beginning so that everyone could decide how much time to dedicate to this value of learning. -Walter Méndez, Tech Lead and one of the organizers of the Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS.

Objective of the Growth Afternoons 

The main objective of this initiative, according to Walter, is to share information and knowledge among all Reservamos SaaS members. As such there was no target number of people joining the session. When the People team joined the follow-up, the average number of people connecting was 35. 

Another goal was to add people who were not just from the Technology team and so the discussions and power-ups were added, to enrich our knowledge and capabilities as a company. 

Our talks are at the level of any other talk out there. Any talk we have already given, we can perfectly expose it to the general public. As long as we are careful not to share confidential information.  -Walter Méndez, Tech Lead and one of the organizers of the Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS.

Importance of the Growth Afternoons

According to Walter, at the Reservamos SaaS level, creating a space to exchange opinions for anyone to join is extremely valuable. It allows us to meet people from other teams and interact by sharing opinions and knowledge. 

It’s about getting to know each other a little better and sharing knowledge. It’s a way in which we learn from each other’s learning capabilities. -Walter Méndez, Tech Lead and one of the organizers of the Growth Afternoons at Reservamos SaaS.

Walter shares that this space is ideal, in addition to sharing knowledge, to overcome fears so that people can go to other spaces to give talks or participate in communities to share their opinions. The valuable thing is that they can be heard and listen to other people. 

I would love it if people would dare to take on these new responsibilities that are not obligatory. It would be great if they would join us to give a talk. -Walter Méndez, Tech Lead and one of the organizers of the Tardes de Crecimiento at Reservamos SaaS.

Ultimately, the Growth Afternoons have proven to be a valuable resource for fostering continuous learning, sharing knowledge, and strengthening the community within the company. Through this initiative, a space has been created where all members of Reservamos SaaS can learn, grow, and contribute to the success of the organization.

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