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Reservamos Saas drives electronic payments acceptance and low fraud with an analytics team

March 13, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

Reservamos SaaS has a team focused on electronic payments and fraud prevention. Learn how they drive security and efficiency in transactions.

The digital payments industry is constantly changing and this in turn creates new needs. For example, as payment methods change, so do the ways in which electronic fraud takes place.  

From 2020 to the end of 2022, Condusef (institution in Mexico) recorded a total of 391,182 controversies for possible fraud, with an increase in electronic fraud, which could be mainly due to the increase in eCommerce and electronic transfers.

After the pandemic, there was a boom and a revolution in eCommerce.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst at Reservamos SaaS.

Analleli comments that the profile of the user who is going to defraud is constantly changing, so it is a great challenge to be aware of fraud trends in such a changing industry. 

That is why at Reservamos SaaS we look for the best players that can synergize with our entire technological infrastructure and provide not only the best service, but also the best attention to our allies that decide to implement our eCommerce technology to offer bus ticket sales in their digital channels.

How does Reservamos SaaS face the challenges of the digital payments sector?

At Reservamos SaaS we are very aware of the challenges in the digital payments sector. But how do we work to address them and offer a better service? According to Analleli, at Reservamos SaaS we surround ourselves with the best players in the payments arena. 

Being close to anti-fraud providers such as payment processors that are already acquirers in each country, that is, they do not need a third party to be able to have this communication with the banks, can generate greater trust.

Analleli Villalón, Associate Payments Analyst.

That is why it is so important to have a payments area in Reservamos SaaS, since the Payments team ensures that the user of our allies, in addition to having a very good experience when paying, can complete their payment quickly, efficiently and feel secure. 

In eCommerce, a lot of money is invested to attract users. The user arrives, browses, you have an incredible website, but if at the end the payment does not go through and you ask for a lot of unnecessary data, the user ends up leaving and does not complete the purchase. If this happens, the user does not come back.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

Also at Reservamos SaaS we look for the best processing options by seeking higher approval, lower fraud and lower cost. As well as maintaining the sanity of transactions in the face of banks. 

Higher acceptance of electronic payments and lower fraud 

As for the value that the Payments area brings to Reservamos SaaS partners, Analleli comments that the main thing is the security and confidence that we are taking care of their transactions and generating value by increasing their sales. This is done by reducing fraud and processing costs, by looking for partners that can give us better details. 

We at Reservamos SaaS give our allies in Mexico the possibility of having 85% acceptance. It’s super positive. The team is constantly monitoring to achieve these metrics.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

The 85% means that of the entire population that is trying to pay, 85% is completed and of that percentage only 0.08% is the cost of fraud that our client is going to have to assume, says Analleli. 

This 85% acceptance rate translates into higher profitability. So, if you have a higher acceptance rate and the level of fraud remains low, this will definitely be reflected in sales. 

By studying the user, you need a payments team that is constantly monitoring transactionality, constantly analyzing trends and working together with vendor tools to optimize the process.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

Analleli explains that Mexico has high levels of fraud and having an 85% acceptance rate is above the national metric. In 2023 we will close with a national metric of 65% in Mexico. We at Reservamos give our allies in Mexico the option of having 85% acceptance.

Meanwhile in Colombia, according to Analleli, it is one of the countries where there are high levels of electronic fraud with credit cards. However, there is an advantage that 75% of electronic payments use Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE), a payment method established by Colombia’s central bank and tends to be more secure. Only 20% are card payments, and that is where the Reservamos SaaS team’s work lies in managing risk. 

In PSE our management is to monitor that payments are going through correctly, as sometimes there are intermittencies on the part of our suppliers. In Reservamos SaaS we have an overall acceptance rate of 65%. And we are working to increase the credit card part specifically.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

What are the trends in electronic payments?

In the case of Mexico, according to Analleli, since the population is underbanked, there is a real diversification of payment methods. 

Generally the user uses more debit cards, although he comments that they have perceived that with these new changes in the industry, credit cards are gaining relevance in the population. 

Also, alternative methods such as wallet and payment buttons, where you try to pay and you are redirected to the Paypal or Mercado Pago page, or in the case of Colombia of Nequi or Daviplata. 

These are payment options that allow users to be sure that their data is protected within an electronic wallet. This is the trend we are observing, that more and more people are going for the most secure part.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

The importance of having an electronic payment analysis area

Analleli comments that she is proud of the people who make up the electronic payment analysis area. She highlights the joint work that has been done with payment providers and risk management. Analleli considers that the team is better able to identify suspicious trends and to be aware of fraud. 

In this sense, another achievement of the team has been the improvement in the chargeback process, because they have been consolidated in the process of identifying fraud threats, disputes. The result of this work has been that banks see Reservamos SaaS as a stronger and more reliable player.

The chargeback process has really helped us a lot so that issuers see that we are committed to our level of fraud and therefore open more doors for us. We have polished it up a lot and it has had a lot of benefits. We have more focus on the actions that come through the different channels and that could become fraud.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

Analleli also shares the importance of adding more women to this sector of finance to make the teams even more diverse. 

How do we add more women? By inviting them to lose their fear. Mentoring is an excellent option. Getting close to a woman we admire, or who has already walked the path we want to take, has helped me a lot. Seeking mentoring among women is very positive.

Analleli Villalón, Payments Associate Analyst

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