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Intelligent objective-based alerts of performance for faster pricing decisions


July 01, 2022

Revenue management strategies  require combining multiple data sources and processes to drive decision-making. 

Today’s competitiveness demands faster and smarter changes to take advantage of real-time. On our path to building and providing the bus industry’s #1 revenue management system, we have included new features and capabilities for bus companies such as:

  • Alert settings.
  • Availability to set early alerts based on services and historical data.


Types of alerts

  1. Demand – Finds positive and negative changes in the purchase interest, on each route.
  2. Occupation – Indicates an “unusually” low or high occupation.
  3. Sold Tickets – In advance and same-day alerts.
  4. Time changes – Takes the last 14 days’ historical data to perform and validate the scheduling.
  5. Price changes – Checks the previous day and current trips for comparative analysis.

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