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July 19, 2022

At Reservamos SaaS, the eCommerce solution allows you to create and apply promotional coupons. Through this feature, the operations and marketing teams of the bus lines can design strategies to:

  • Increase traffic on your digital channels.
  • Boost ticket sales anticipation.
  • Develop better strategies, and have greater knowledge about the occupation.
  • Promote strategic destinations linked to different seasonality.
  • Having self-management and a very easy function to use.

With the advice of the Reservamos SaaS Customer Success area, bus companies have implemented marketing strategies based on digital coupons.

The digital sales channel has become a fundamental piece of companies’ growth in diverse sectors, and the bus industry is no exception. At Reservamos SaaS we constantly team up with our clients to design solutions that allow them to generate a greater impact among their travelers and adapt innovative purchasing experiences.

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