Comparative Analysis of eCommerce Solutions for Bus Companies

Comparative Analysis of eCommerce Solutions for Bus Companies

In this benchmarking, we have gathered the key factors that a bus company should consider to enhance its digital sales channels. We evaluate available features, support, and payment methods, among other crucial aspects for the digital success of a bus company.

Today, bus companies seeking to innovate their digital ticket sales to increase revenue have three main avenues to achieve this:

  1. Building their own technological systems, which must consider inventory systems, dynamic pricing, or online bus ticket sales platforms.
  2. Hiring a software development agency.
  3. Selling digitally only through agencies, marketplaces, or by using a white-label solution provided by agencies.

But what are the disadvantages of these three options?

  1. Building your own technological systems – Requires a significant investment to build and maintain an up-to-date technology team, along with the challenge of attracting the necessary specialized talent. In addition to other challenges, such as potential operational saturation, a slowdown in innovation aligned with market trends, and slow adoption at all levels of the company in terms of digital transformation.
  1. Hiring a software development agency – The challenge is that agencies can develop a project, such as a mobile application; however, this does not guarantee that they will be attentive to possible updates and improvements necessary to make this development a digitally advanced channel meeting the market’s needs, capable of quickly adapting to the needs of digital travelers.
  1. Selling digitally only through agencies – Being present in multiple channels not only allows reaching diverse traveler profiles but also attracts new users. However, for medium and small companies, relying exclusively on a single channel, such as selling on OTAs or marketplaces, can have serious consequences as it reduces their position in the market. Furthermore, agencies, by acting as a marketplace and offering bus companies a ‘Whitelabel’ product with limited updates in user experience and a lack of detailed passenger information, become direct competitors to these companies.

So, what is the solution?

Having a specialized eCommerce partner that does not compete with bus companies in ticket sales implies ensuring constant improvements and updates in eCommerce platforms. These should be tailored to the latest user experience trends and responsive to travelers’ needs. Additionally, this partner should provide bus companies with 24/7 access to all information generated from user behavior on their websites. Even more crucial is their ability to help companies understand this data and collaborate in creating effective business strategies that reinforce the online presence of the companies.

In this article, we present a comparison of the leading eCommerce operators for bus companies and the value proposition of Reservamos SaaS.

Value Proposition of Reservamos SaaS:

Our technology and data structure accurately cater to the needs of bus companies. We provide two key software solutions that ensure a successful digital operation: eCommerce and dynamic pricing. By building a modular ecosystem of functionalities, we accommodate bus companies of all sizes and operations.

We have achieved a high level of specialization in the bus sector, offering tools, software, and human talent that address technological challenges faced by companies in a more agile and effective manner.

Our technological roadmap takes into account innovation, trends, and changes in traveler behavior or the market, allowing us to provide solutions that anticipate the sector’s needs.

We do not markup profit margins on payment gateway fees. We are agnostic and integrate any gateway chosen by the bus company, considering best practices in the sector based on our experience.

With a detailed SLA (Service-Level Agreement), we guarantee not only service but also the growth of the bus company.

Through our continuous consultancy support, Reservamos SaaS aims to ensure an increase in the digital sales of our partner companies.

Comparative Features:

Reservamos SaaSMarketplaces
1.- eCommerceDigital ecosystemWhitelabel
Analysis of the Purchasing JourneyYESLimited
Customization and UpdatesYESLimited
UX/UI AnalyticsYESNO
Advanced SEO StructureYESNO
Business ModelBoost sales in the direct channel
of bus companies
Boost sales only on their page
GatewayWe do not have a profit margin
on payment gateway fees.
Included in the commission.
Payments and BillingWe do not retain money from salesRetain money from sales
Rate+4.5 +3
Customization and UpdatesYESNO
iOS y AndroidYESNO
UX/UI AnalyticsYESNO

Primera Plus a Mexican bus line takes its travelers to their final destination.

Primera Plus a Mexican bus line takes its travelers to their final destination.

Our development team constantly applies their knowledge and experience to improve the architecture of Reservamos SaaS’s eCommerce platform, making it much easier for your company to integrate any necessary requirements that help connect better with the traveler.

With the help of Reservamos SaaS’s team, the Mexican bus line Primera Plus implemented the first and last-mile options in their eCommerce platform. This way, travelers can book their transfers from their homes to the terminal and from the terminal to their final destination. Through this option, Primera Plus provides a service that guarantees a complete and satisfactory transport experience for the traveler, from the moment they leave their house to when they reach their final destination.

With this option, travelers can book the transfer service after completing their purchase flow, and have access to a more complete and convenient service. In addition, this integration allows the bus line to differentiate itself more in its market and offer added value to its customers.

A fundamental part of Reservamos SaaS’s development team is their ability to work together with bus companies, thus integrating the necessary requirements for the best functioning of bus brands and lines in a practical and straightforward way.