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we arrived in Brazil

In Brazil, our goal will be to empower bus companies through technology.

February 2, 2023

Written by Fernando Aguilera

The dynamics of the sector are changing. More and more companies understand the importance of having a solid digital strategy. At Reservamos SaaS, we have proposed to attend companies on this journey and to be the ally to promote their digital growth through our technological ecosystem and service.

The bus is one of the means of transport that mobilizes most people in the world, short, medium, and long distances, and ecologically more sustainable for the planet. It is a vital medium in the road arteries between cities and an economic engine. But despite the technological advances we have achieved in recent times, traveling by bus is often synonymous with terminals with crowded ticket offices, long lines, and wasted time.

In 2013, Reservamos set out to take the first steps to promote the digital transformation of this significant sector. And today, through the technological infrastructure we have developed, we have become an ally for bus companies in countries like the United States, Mexico, and Colombia, capable of accelerating that transformation and helping them succeed in a digital economy.

In 2019, my journey as Director of Sales and Global Expansion of Reservamos SaaS began. And from that moment on, I took on the challenge of sharing with more companies in the region the potential that technology offers to improve the experience of traveling by bus. Through Reservamos SaaS solutions, millions of travelers can access much more agile, efficient, and secure digital channels to purchase their bus tickets. And different companies have maintained their leadership in the sector by strengthening their operational teams with adequate tools, which have allowed them to get to know their users better and increase their revenue.

Today this journey brings us to Brazil, the world’s third-largest market for the passenger bus sector, a sector with great potential for innovation and growth that requires support and adequate solutions to connect more directly with its travelers through its digital channels

My challenge as Country Manager of Brazil will be to lead an evolution that we have been promoting in the region, to achieve not only that the sector is digitized and thriving but also that it has the necessary confidence in a world where you can order a coffee from your cell phone and arrives at the door of your house. The first big step to trigger this significant change is data analysis. Data is the new gold, so it is essential to take advantage of all the power information provides and thus improve interaction with travelers.

Having sales channels with high conversion rates allows companies to own their data and learn about user behavior. In this way, they can generate endless strategies in areas such as marketing, communication, operations, and revenue management.

It is no longer about guessing what the traveler needs but being able to know and adapt to their needs and behaviors; to anticipate much more competitive and attractive offers.

The technology and support of Reservamos SaaS is an accelerator for bus companies to maintain control of their brands and implement new features that translate into increased revenue. Only last year our allies had more than 50 million visitors on their digital channels. Almost the total number of inhabitants in cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, and Bogota, combined! Reaching conversions of +50% of visits to purchases. In addition, +10% of completed online purchases through apps developed by Reservamos SaaS for bus companies.

In addition, we have specialized in mitigating obstacles that limit the digital growth of companies, such as guaranteeing payment acceptance rates that exceed 85% and chargeback and fraud rates below 0.4%. Thanks to the understanding and experience of our teams, to develop actions that help shape, anticipate, and optimize each of the implemented tools.

Our intention is not to add another marketplace, which undoubtedly provides alternatives to diversify sales channels; On the contrary, our commitment is to bring the most suitable tools so that the bus companies themselves can innovate at a higher speed, growing their digital channels and better positioning their brands.

At Reservamos SaaS, we are convinced that technology not only represents a growth opportunity for companies. It is also a responsibility to democratize services and satisfy people’s needs more efficiently.

From São Paulo, I will lead this new opportunity for growth and disruption for Reservamos SaaS. Inspired by a sector that I am passionate about and in which I am convinced that our strategic support has much to contribute.

We arrived in Brazil and are ready to be your company’s technological ally! My agenda is open to listening and sharing experiences in this exciting sector.

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