Women at the forefront of the bus industry

Driving towards equality: Women at the forefront of the bus industry

March 9, 2023

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

This year, the United Nations defined the following theme for International Women’s Day: “For an inclusive digital world: Innovation and technology for gender equality.” At Reservamos SaaS, we wanted to reflect on this topic and speak with prominent women who are part of the bus sector, and who are changing the game of innovation and technological development. We spoke with them about the impact of women’s participation in accelerating innovation and technological development, and how they are driving growth in the sector through their ideas, talent, and vision.

Their example and trajectory demonstrate that the presence of women is key to forging new paths toward a more equal and technologically advanced future.

How can we contribute from this sector to achieve a more inclusive digital world?

I believe in education focused on innovation and technology, linked to initiatives that promote gender equality in the digital world, which has few professional women and, at the same time, opportunities in a field where the workforce is scarce.

Who is your role model? Which women do you admire and why?

I have admiration for several women I have met throughout my personal and professional life. My mother, grandmother, cousins, friends, and colleagues at work… Women with different stories of victories and overcoming obstacles that teach me and inspire me!

I will mention two influencers that I follow and from whom I learn a lot, Camila Farani and Nath Arcuri. I like the content but mainly their purpose of spreading knowledge and supporting other women to achieve their dreams.

What advice would you give to other women who are starting to work and want to reach leadership positions in their companies?

Women need to occupy spaces, and also assume leadership positions, in the pursuit of equality in companies. It is necessary to fight for a diverse corporate environment, with men and women in equal proportion, that allows different perspectives that result in balanced and successful management.

We have to know that it is possible to contribute with our competence and singularity, respecting our beliefs, values, and competencies, which will not always be the profile/model of men/masculine, but equally powerful and transformative.

From this sector, how can we contribute to achieving a more inclusive digital world?

As a first step, we must raise awareness and accept people’s capabilities and skills regardless of gender. As a society, we have many stereotypes that we use to pigeonhole activities just because that’s how it has always been. Fortunately, this gap has been opening up a little more, with greater acceptance and dissemination, leading to a bit more equity.

I consider women’s groups that come together to develop and train in digital activities to be a good initiative since they can serve as support and provide women with the confidence to establish themselves in the workplace and personal life. Media dissemination and social networks, given the era we are in, will continue to function as the most adaptive tool.

Who is your role model? Which women do you admire, and why?

Carol Shaw, is known as the first professional female video game designer. She worked for Atari and Activision and created the game River Raid for Atari 2600 in 1982, with more than a million units sold.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in your career due to your gender, and how did you overcome them?

In my case, I studied Computer Systems Engineering, and the mere fact of studying engineering, where the term “engineer” was traditionally used to refer to male students, was a challenge. It was only recently that the term “engineer” has been recognized as gender-neutral.

Taking courses related to circuit programming was challenging because it required soldering some parts and having contact with electrical current, for example, since some activities were defined as exclusively for male students within the same degree program.

A key part of overcoming stereotypes is having confidence in oneself and accepting that one is not born knowing everything. Both men and women can learn any type of knowledge and skills. As individuals, we must learn to respect ourselves.

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