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July 19, 2022

Increasing sales and reducing chargebacks is possible with Reservamos SaaS eCommerce

Ensuring safe purchases for your eCommerce and the traveler is key for your digital channel growth. During Q1 2022, our clients recorded an average payment acceptance rate of 80%, while the chargeback rate was less than 0.3%.

And how do we achieve these metrics? Boosting digital sales does not have to detonate fraud or chargebacks increase. Reservamos SaaS’s eCommerce solution has an Anti-Fraud Module, with a structure of personalized parameters for the bus sector, according to each brand and territory, to increase payment acceptance and reduce chargebacks.

The growth of your eCommerce will not be limited, and you will see an impact on every aspect of your eCommerce:

  • Higher conversion.
  • Reduction in operation costs and payment processing.
  • Have the most popular payment methods.
  • Optimization of the user experience in the purchase process.

The Reservamos SaaS value in terms of payments is our experience, the technology we implement to control and measure payment attempts, and the constant monitoring and support for our clients.

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