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How Reservamos SaaS achieves a successful eCommerce migration for their allies

June 25, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

One of the main advantages, for companies that decide to migrate their eCommerce, is to leave this operational task in the hands of a partner with the necessary experience

eCommerce platforms not only facilitate the sale of bus tickets but also improve the traveler experience, optimize internal operations, and open up new positioning and growth opportunities for companies in the ground transportation sector.

One of the main advantages, for companies that decide to migrate their technology, is to leave this operational work in the hands of a partner with the necessary experience. This allows them to dedicate their efforts to their growth goals and save time and resources on processes outside their core business. 

Hence the importance of choosing a technological partner such as Reservamos SaaS, which accompanies companies from the definition of the project to the implementation of the technology to the eCommerce or application. Companies that choose this option have positively impacted key metrics for their growth, such as increased sales and more secure transactions, reduced operating costs, better inventory management, and resource optimization. 

But what should bus companies focus on when making their decision? Here are 3 relevant points, according to José Luis Landaeta, Head of Customer Success at Reservamos SaaS:

  1. Evaluate the technology provider’s experience in various markets and countries.

Where is the supplier located, in which countries does it have a presence, and has it expanded internationally? A technology provider with international expansion acquires experience to understand and solve the challenges that arise in each country, being able to adapt the tools, technology, and knowledge to each company and market.

  1. Measure how many launches you have had in the last 6 months.

This will help to understand if it offers products or solutions that maintain a high pace of innovation and updating, in line with technological advances and according to what users and trends demand.

  1. Know the relationships they have with leading companies in the sector. 

Evaluate the relationships the technology provider has and the opportunities for linkage that an alliance would bring. For example, Reservamos SaaS allies and prospects give great value to the formation of an international community, which promotes the exchange of knowledge among leading companies in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico; as well as to the Board of Advisors that supports us and provides great experience in sectors such as tourism, technology and business.

We are dedicated to growing each of the bus companies’ direct online sales channels, both their eCommerce and their applications. Bus companies throughout Latam are betting on the growth of the online channel, but we have found that without the right technology, they run the risk of slowing down their competitiveness and not reaching their business goals. For this reason, we have focused on creating a technological ecosystem that complements each company to boost online ticket sales and increase their market presence in the face of competitors and new business models. – José Luis Landaeta, Reservamos SaaS Head of Customer Success.

If you are considering upgrading or optimizing your eCommerce platform with a new provider such as Reservamos SaaS, in this article we share with you some of the general processes we go through with our partners. Whether you want to migrate from a Whitelabel or you developed your eCommerce internally, we guide you on how to prepare your operational teams in this important project for your business, and thus evolve digitally through your direct online sales channels.

1. Engage team leaders early about platform migration.

It is important that, before the contracting of the eCommerce platform, i.e. during the platform evaluation process, the technical, legal, marketing, commercial, financial, and customer support teams of the bus company actively participate in sessions and demonstrations of the new platform. This is to get to know the current processes of the bus company, and thus define the points that are most relevant for each area. 

With Reservamos SaaS technology and ecosystem, we help brands improve their operations, introducing them to this first step towards their digital evolution. Therefore, we need to know In this step we share the stages of implementation so that each leader can anticipate the requirements that will be requested so that the final delivery of their new eCommerce is the most appropriate and according to their needs.

2. Align the bus company’s internal teams on the new changes.

Bus companies that select Reservamos SaaS as their technology provider follow a timeline that provides guidance to the project and coordination to the teams. In this way, it is possible to know the people involved in the implementation and follow each step together.

The technological structure of Reservamos SaaS is conformed by Product Managers, who take care of the interaction with each partner, for the follow-up of the technical part (web services requests, CMS, logos). While the Tech Lead studies the added documentation and generates the best strategy for an efficient integration. 

A fundamental step is the presentation of equipment, both from the technology provider and the bus company. From the bus company, it is important to know a member of the technical team, the marketing team, the commercial team, and the project leader. The latter is relevant to help with key issues or requests for any information that may be required during the integration of the technology. 

The most important part of an integration is to present the project teams and objectives. Each stakeholder must know with whom he/she will communicate and what type of information each person will request. As well as the continuous monitoring of the integration, through periodic meetings. – José Luis Landaeta, Head of Customer Success at Reservamos SaaS.

3. Define the role of the bus company’s technical team by having a new eCommerce provider.

In addition to helping to increase the performance of direct online sales channels at a lower cost, Reservamos SaaS solutions provide greater operational and analytical capacity to the technical teams within a bus company. This operational capacity translates into innovation agility, detection of opportunities, and strategy adjustments in real-time, which generate a positive impact and higher revenues. 

Here are the main reasons to have a technical team that is agile, efficient, and focused on detecting opportunities, with the help of technology: 

  1. To have cutting-edge direct online sales channels, your internal systems must be constantly evolving.

For example, if a company wants to implement ticket changes and cancellations within the site, it can only do so if it has the development within its internal systems. By taking back operational control of their business, with the help of a technology partner, internal teams become more relevant, as they can grow their systems hand in hand with their technology provider.

  1. Process automation allows teams to optimize their operations to focus on analyzing and detecting growth opportunities.

For example, during peak season, internal teams can allocate new runs to meet demand in a matter of minutes. The technological capacity they acquire allows them to take this type of initiative in a more agile way, thus increasing sales for the company. With Reservamos SaaS, the technical team, far from losing importance, gains relevance by detecting opportunities more quickly, adapting its offer, and therefore increasing the impact of its digital strategies, hand in hand with specialized technology.  

  1. Take calculated risks that translate into higher profits and revenues for the company.

For example, creating dynamic pricing strategies, with the help of an appropriate revenue management system, is a process that can take as little as a few hours; while adjusting this same strategy, according to market behavior and real-time user demand, can be done in a matter of minutes, and without risking revenue.

  1. Develop product initiatives that help increase average ticket sales.

For example, activating ancillary features such as pet travel, box lunches, round trip ticketing, or even loyalty programs, are initiatives that represent higher revenue per transaction, but can be complex to develop within eCommerce. The collaboration between the technical teams and a technology provider such as Reservamos SaaS, allows for the development of more agile way functionalities that increase the competitiveness of the company and help to increase its profits. 

4. Monitor metrics and post-migration follow-up

At Reservamos SaaS, the accompaniment and guidance of the Product and Technology team does not end when the eCommerce migration process is completed. After this stage, there is constant monitoring of key metrics to ensure that everything is working optimally. 

Each stage of the sales funnel is analyzed, looking for indicators that point to any pertinent adjustments within the eCommerce. Tracking traveler behavior throughout the buying process is key to developing innovations, updates, or new features that help maintain high conversion rates and completed transactions.

From the search engine to the issuance of the bus ticket, the Product and Technology teams ensure that the experience is efficient, agile, and safe for travelers; while, hand in hand with Customer Success, they guide the members of the bus company to know and delve into the most important metrics of their eCommerce, such as traffic, conversion, payment acceptance rate, chargebacks, among others. 

In this way, maximum use of the new tools and functionalities implemented is guaranteed. In addition, continuous support and periodic analysis are provided to adjust strategies, thus ensuring the success and sustainable growth of direct online sales channels, such as eCommerce and Apps.

Digital evolution helping bus companies regain control of their business

During the integration process, according to José Luis, there is often resistance from the bus companies’ technical teams. Reservamos SaaS’s job is to build relationships of trust, show the capabilities of each of the solutions, and empower each member of the bus company so that, through the constant use of each tool, they can exceed their growth goals. In this way, key teams and areas such as IT become more relevant.

The objective of Reservamos SaaS, as a technological ally, is not only to help companies sell more. But also to elevate all positions within the bus company, so that they acquire greater capabilities, skills, and knowledge about their digital channels. This, in addition to being a strengthening opportunity for the company, allows each member of the bus company to increase their experience and grow professionally. 

How does Reservamos SaaS assist bus companies? By sharing experiences, understanding their goals, and identifying their main challenges, we work together to overcome them. With this objective in mind, at the end of each integration, the operational teams view Reservamos SaaS as an ally, and a bridge of trust is established to expand into other areas.

My job as Head of Customer Success is to accompany the companies, so that any initial fear and distrust in the process, becomes confidence that we will reach their goals faster. To make them see that they are in the hands of an expert team that has done implementations in several countries in the Latam region, with great results. Because we know where to put the focus, for an optimal production output and follow-up to the target metrics. At a technical and product level, we have traced the best route for an implementation that leads to the digital success of each partner company.  – José Luis Landaeta, Head of Customer Success at Reservamos SaaS.

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