Roll&Bits Success Story Revenue Management

A business that has revolutionized intercity transport and continues to grow!

August 16, 2023

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

According to Statista, Mexico has more than 96 million online users, and the number of digital buyers in the country exceeds 60 million. An analysis published by Google on Latin American digital travelers indicated that 93% of users search Google for something related to travel, and 84% have seen ads on this topic.

This growing trend motivated Roll&Bits, a Mexican intercity transportation company, to design a business model that has revolutionized land transportation in the country. Roll&Bits started in 2019 as a service that connects with its travelers 100% online. This digital business model has allowed them to understand the travel trends and purchasing experiences that users are looking for to adapt and satisfy the needs of digital travelers.

Their business model has 3 axes of innovation:

  1. Departure and arrival points: Roll&Bits has easily accessible urban boarding points, such as plazas, hotels, centers, and public buildings.
  2. Time and speed: Roll&Bits provides the service in sprinter-type units, which speed up the transfer time. In addition, the vehicles have everything necessary, are tracked in real time, and have trained drivers.
  3. Dynamic prices: They offer more competitive prices, according to the behavior of travelers and the market.

Currently, Roll&Bits makes trips to CDMX, Guadalajara, León, and Querétaro and transports about +186k passengers per year. Furthermore, unlike other companies on the market, the Roll&Bits digital sales channel provides the opportunity to engage with its users like no other company in the sector. 

But what were the main challenges?

  • Incentivize among travelers the routes, schedules, and departure points corresponding to this new brand.
  • Provide an offer adapted to the flow of the market and with intelligent prices.
  • Generate a sense of trust, security, and loyalty among travelers.
  • Effectively communicate the promotions in your schedules, demand attraction, and customer maintenance.

Data technology to increase income and optimize costs

Reservamos SaaS technology was present from the research process until the start of the project. It gave Roll&Bits an advantage by reducing its expenses on technology tools from the beginning and optimizing work so that the different operational teams could focus on the company’s innovation.

The Reservamos SaaS eCommerce platform made it possible to guarantee a friction-free purchase process and a simple, efficient, and secure experience. With all the payment methods and an electronic ticket at the end of the transaction to speed up boarding. And by generating optimal digital experiences, the Roll&Bits Marketing team was able to deeply understand the needs of its users, analyze consumer trends and market behavior, and build a bridge of trust with digital travelers through the different communication channels.

To encourage demand, the Roll&Bits operations team took advantage of BrainPROS, the Reservamos SaaS Revenue Management solution, to design strategies for opening routes and also analyze the different user profiles to identify those who were attracted by the price and those who prioritized the quality of the service.

In this way, Roll&Bits has deepened its understanding of travelers’ behavior to design price strategies that have increased the volume of passengers and their income.

BrainPROS has allowed Roll&Bits to offer the right price at the right time, and adapt its prices according to reservation history, traveler behavior, the market, seasonality, occupancy, and, mainly, encourage purchase anticipation. 

We are convinced that the sector’s future is technology. It has allowed us to understand the traveler and offer them a personalized offer according to their needs.

– Alexandier Meza, General Manager Roll&Bits.

A business model adapted to the new traveler

Roll&Bits has designed diverse strategies together with Reservamos SaaS for the success of your business:

  • Special rates to generate demand on the new routes and schedules: tickets offer and an advertising campaign in its different communication channels to generate curiosity among travelers.
  • Early purchase incentive: Lower prices for long early purchases and higher prices on short early purchases. In this way, Roll&Bits can plan its fleets and increase the efficiency of its operation.
  • Increased occupancy to increase the profitability of each trip: This strategy made it possible to reach the different segments of travelers and cover all their needs, from more attractive prices, guaranteeing differentiated services, and serving travelers who already trust the brand.

The dynamic pricing system has helped us encourage purchase anticipation, increase the occupancy of our services and maintain the company’s competitiveness.

– Alexandier Meza, General Manager Roll&Bits.

A company that does not stop growing

Since 2019, Roll&Bits has maintained a sustained upward trend in its sales. It has one of the largest purchase anticipations in the industry, with an average of between 7 and 8 days, even with more than 30 days of purchase anticipation. 

Also, all its routes have more than 90% of average occupancy. During 2022 they have been able to increase the average price from the beginning of the year to date by 12%.

Today, to guarantee the growth of a bus company, it is essential to have the right technology, which enables it to strengthen its work areas, optimize its processes, broaden its vision of the market, maintain better control over its operation, and focus efforts on innovation.

Reservamos SaaS has developed a technological infrastructure that drives the growth of bus companies and allows them to maintain a direct and constant connection with their digital travelers.

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