Round-Trip Ticket
Increase Your Revenue and Improve the Traveler Experience with the Round-Trip Ticket Feature
May 29, 2024

At Reservamos SaaS, our mission is to transform the bus ticket purchasing experience by offering technological solutions that not only improve user satisfaction but also boost our clients’ revenue. One of our latest updates is the Round-Trip Ticket feature, designed to encourage travelers to save time and money while increasing the average ticket value.

What is the Round-Trip Ticket Feature?

This feature allows users to purchase round-trip tickets in a single transaction, simplifying the experience and offering significant savings. This option saves travelers time while encouraging more efficient trip planning, resulting in an increase in the average ticket value.

Round trip ticket

Impact on Average Ticket Value

Since the implementation of this feature, we have observed a +10% increase in average ticket value. This is because travelers are more inclined to purchase a round-trip ticket rather than buying one-way tickets separately. By simplifying the process and offering incentives such as discounts on round-trip purchases, travelers see significant added value, which translates directly into increased revenue for bus companies.

Round-Trip and Open Ticket

This feature complements perfectly with the Open Ticket option. This option allows travelers to choose their destination and redeem their ticket at a later date, without needing to visit a ticket booth. With just a few simple steps on the eCommerce platform, users can manage their tickets flexibly and conveniently.

Benefits of the Open Ticket

  • Boosts Round-Trip Ticket Sales: By offering the option of a round-trip ticket with an open return date, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of this flexibility and plan their trip more comprehensively.
  • Increases Conversion in the Sales Funnel: The ease of use and flexibility of the Open Ticket increases the conversion rate in the sales funnel, as travelers are more likely to complete the purchase.
  • Competitive Edge Over Air Travel: Offering a flexible and convenient ticket purchasing option positions bus companies as an attractive alternative to airlines.
  • Higher Traveler Satisfaction: By providing an option that adapts to the changing needs of travelers, overall user satisfaction is improved.
  • Redemption from eCommerce: Users can redeem their ticket easily and directly from the eCommerce platform, hassle-free.

Hybrid Round-Trip Ticket: Flexibility and Convenience

The Hybrid Round-Trip Ticket function takes flexibility a step further. In the sales funnel, travelers are shown the option to choose a fixed date for the outbound journey and, if they do not have a defined return date, they can select the Open Ticket option for the return trip. This combination offers several important benefits.

  • Increased Average Ticket Value: Allowing users to book a complete trip with the option of a flexible return ensures a more comprehensive travel experience, resulting in a higher average ticket value.
  • Greater Flexibility for Travelers: This option attracts a broader audience by offering the possibility to plan the return trip at their convenience.
  • Improved Planning and Efficiency: Bus companies can better plan vehicle capacity and optimize operational efficiency by ensuring the purchase of hybrid round-trip tickets.
  • Traveler Loyalty: A more satisfying and convenient ticket purchasing experience helps retain users, encouraging repeat purchases and achieving higher long-term traveler retention.

Successful eCommerce Strategy

A key to success in eCommerce is the ability to listen to travelers’ needs and interests and adapt these preferences to online sales channels. The Round-Trip Ticket feature, along with the Open Ticket and Hybrid Round-Trip Ticket options, demonstrates our commitment to offering solutions that not only meet travelers’ needs but also drive growth and competitiveness for bus companies.

The success of these features would not be possible without the dedicated work of our Product and Customer Success teams. These teams collaborate closely to ensure that each update directly benefits the sales channels of our partner brands, positively impacting their sales metrics and helping to retain their users.

The Round-Trip Ticket feature and its complements, the Open Ticket and Hybrid Round-Trip Ticket, represent a significant advancement in how travelers purchase bus tickets. These innovations offer an improved purchasing experience and increase the average ticket value. At Reservamos SaaS, we remain committed to the digital transformation of the transportation sector, providing technological solutions that benefit both travelers and our partners.

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