Search 2.0
We simplify the travelers’ search experience
June 23, 2023

Through enhancements in the search and geolocation process on the eCommerce platform, we drive traveler conversion.

The search and purchasing flow process for travelers is crucial to ensure higher conversion rates. That’s why the Reservamos SaaS product and technology team constantly implements improvements to our allies’ eCommerce platforms, aiming to provide more effective experiences for travelers that translate into increased purchases for bus companies.

As part of this search optimization, the development and product team made improvements related to geolocation aspects to help travelers simplify processes and reach their desired outcomes more accurately.

Each of these updates focuses on both the visual aspect of the eCommerce platform (UI) and user experience optimization, aiming to generate optimal interaction between travelers and our allies’ digital sales channels (UX).

The updates include:

Location-based origin suggestion: Through this update in the search engine, the eCommerce platform adjusts to travelers by showing them the nearest terminal to start their adventure.

Swap origin and destination: With this optimization, it’s easier for travelers to exchange the origin and destination points with a single button.

In addition to these efforts, the development and product team has monitored these functionalities using the A/B testing tool to measure and compare their impact on a segment of each ally’s user base. This approach has facilitated the identification of which updates generate significant improvements in travelers’ behavior and an increase in conversion rates and sales.

With the assistance of Reservamos SaaS technology and our support, we help bus companies ensure more satisfying purchasing experiences tailored to travelers’ preferences.

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