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A personalized search widget, the first step to connecting with travelers through your eCommerce

May 13, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

We tell you how the Reservamos SaaS Product Designer team works to redesign the search widget in the eCommerce of our partner bus companies, and how we measure its success.

At Reservamos SaaS we develop technology that drives the evolution of online sales channels for bus companies. This is to offer intelligent, personalized, and secure shopping experiences. 

To provide these experiences it is necessary to be in constant search of a functional, intuitive, and personalized design. This is where our Product Designer team, made up of UX/UI design professionals, had a hand in completely revamping the search system on the eCommerce platform, focusing on user experience and technical efficiency. 

Every aspect, from the interface to the enhanced functionalities, was meticulously redesigned to provide our partners’ users with a faster, more intuitive, and personalized search experience.

An intuitive interface implies clear navigation and an attractive visual presentation that effectively guides the user to their goal. – Jair Pérez, Lead Product Designer at Reservamos SaaS. 

A redesign based on data and analytics

The Product Designer team previously conducted a benchmark that involved analyzing the functionality, usability, and aesthetics of similar components from other companies, to identify best practices and trends in design and functionality. 

This analysis was not only limited to travel sites but to any product that might have some functionality they were interested in at the time. This is a constant practice within the team, which reviews applications to detect if any component is interesting to apply in the bus sector. This is done to improve the quality of the design. 

One of the most outstanding features of the search widget is the advanced customization of the widget. Now, the destination field suggests cities based on the user’s origin, which streamlines the search process. In addition, it learns from the user’s preferences to suggest anticipated routes, improving the efficiency and relevance of searches.

When we talk about an optimal personalized experience, we mean that the user makes the product his own and can interact with it more simply and effectively. – Jair Pérez, Lead Product Designer at Reservamos SaaS. 

The redesign was not only limited to visuals, we also worked on code optimization to improve loading speed, implementation of caching technologies to reduce server response times, and responsive design practices to ensure a consistent experience on different devices and screen sizes.

Constant monitoring for success

As part of the follow-up to the launch of the new search widget, the Product Designer team focused on measuring the average time it took the user to perform a search, user feedback, and analysis of browsing behavior to identify areas for improvement. This allowed for data-driven adjustments to continuously optimize the search experience and ensure a better experience with the bus company’s eCommerce.

The metric to track is how long it takes a user to perform some task. In this case, how long it take the user to perform the search from the moment they enter the home page. – Jair Pérez, Lead Product Designer at Reservamos SaaS.

According to Jair, the personalization improvements they made helped them complete this task in less time. Now they know what route the user might be looking for to display that preloaded information, so the user only has to choose the day he/she is interested in traveling.

Leaving aside that each functionality has a specific objective, we could say that the main thing we are looking for is that the user can understand and interact with our design. – Jair Pérez, Lead Product Designer at Reservamos SaaS. 

Part of the Product Designer team’s job, before it goes into production, is to see what they expect from the new release and what metrics will tell them that their redesign is working. Once some time has passed, the product team analyzes that data to make corrections or terminate it. In addition, an important point is that they are always on the lookout for what users think of the product, through the survey they are shown at the end of an online purchase of a ticket. 

Through this work methodology, the Product Designer team remains committed to continuous improvement, using key metrics on user behavior in our partners’ eCommerce sites, and feedback from travelers, to identify areas of opportunity and make pertinent adjustments. 

Our focus at Reservamos SaaS is to understand and adapt to the needs of travelers and bus companies, to maintain agile rates of innovation, and to offer solutions that simplify and enrich the online bus ticket purchasing experience, thus ensuring the digital success of our partners.

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