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Reservamos SaaS generates linkage spaces between bus companies in Mexico and Colombia during Expo Foro 2024

March 6, 2024

Written by Marisol Morelos

During the past week, Reservamos SaaS received its allies Rápido Ochoa and Expreso Brasilia in Mexico City, to carry out different activities and meetings with leading bus companies in the transportation sector in Mexico.

On February 27th, Reservamos SaaS welcomed Rápido Ochoa and Expreso Brasilia in Mexico City. Both partners are leaders in the passenger and cargo transportation sector in Colombia. 

Tour of the Expo Mobility Forum 2024

On February 28, we accompanied our partners to the inauguration of Expo Foro Movilidad 2024 and held a meeting with Grupo IAMSA and GFA, leading companies in the transportation sector in Mexico.

Expo Foro Movilidad, organized by the Cámara Nacional del Autotransporte de Pasaje y Turismo (CANAPAT), brings together companies dedicated to the transportation of foreign, tourist, urban, suburban, school, personnel, and multimodal passengers, authorities that contribute to the development of the sector, as well as sector suppliers, and even users and fans.

This year’s edition focused on mobility, new technologies, and sustainability as the main axes during the three days of the event, from February 28 to March 1, 2024. This a vision very much in line with the efforts we have promoted, through technology, to provide companies with solutions and tools that allow them to guarantee a better experience for the purchase of their tickets digitally, and ensure more sustainable mobility in the country.

For example, from applying technology in the eCommerce of our partners to optimize their direct online sales channels, and thus help strengthen the digital marketing of tickets, above the box office; or having tools to increase their occupancy per route and better manage their inventory and revenues. 

We even collaborate in initiatives such as Carbon Footprint, in which Primera Plus, an allied line of Reservamos SaaS, has been a pioneer in Mexico, promoting its carbon credits to offset emissions and support regional projects, ranging from the conservation of forested areas to the generation of energy from natural and renewable sources.

Through each solution and innovation that is part of our technological infrastructure and that serves our partners, we help companies align themselves with the new trends and needs of the market and travelers, to increase their competitiveness. 

How do we achieve this? Through analysis and optimization of operations and growth strategies, focused on user experience, knowledge of their consumption habits, development, and personalization of the offer. 

With this, we seek to guarantee companies control of their business and the digital success of their online sales channels. In this way, they can offer better mobility experiences to users, making them choose the bus as a means of transportation for different activities.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, mentioned the importance of land transportation, which is the most used in Mexico in tourism. This is because approximately 8 out of every 10 people travel by car or bus, according to data shared by the official.

Visit to Reservamos SaaS offices

On February 29 and March 1, Rápido Ochoa and Expreso Brasilia visited the Reservamos SaaS offices in Mexico City to meet with key members of our team who are involved in the development and optimization of their eCommerce. 

During these meetings we presented to each of them the new way of working that we have at Reservamos SaaS, divided into two main development teams: A Core team, which presented its Roadmap and product vision for 2024; and a Merchant Service team, which listened to the initiatives that the brand wants to implement, and uploaded them to a list of projects that the brands will prioritize. In this way, we ensure that we offer the best sales experience to the traveler, without neglecting the projects the brands want to implement. In addition, these teams resolved doubts and concerns about our solutions that they implement daily, and about how we can continue to streamline the innovation of their companies. 

As part of our effort and objective at Reservamos SaaS to work this year in the generation of a solid community within the sector, we took the first steps along these strategic visits to facilitate meetings between our allies in Mexico and Colombia, allowing us to listen to each company and realize that there is a huge opportunity to solve problems and challenges in the sector.

From issues such as driver management, and their rotation on routes, to generate rest spaces and therefore, safety for travelers; to innovative initiatives that involve policy challenges to ensure optimal travel experiences, such as enabling Pet-friendly travel, ancillary in which Reservamos SaaS has the experience, thanks to the implementation made for the ETN-Turistar line. 

Beyond digital issues, what we seek from these meetings is to become facilitators to strengthen the sector and keep it innovative, with bus lines adapted to present and future needs. 

For us, it is key to generate these spaces, as they allow us to continue developing specialized technology that drives the sector towards greater and better digitization and support brands to learn from other brands that are outside their borders, but often face similar challenges.

Partner meeting with Google Mexico

As allies of brands, we seek to bring them closer to consultants and experts in each area, allowing companies to grow their digital sales. In Reservamos SaaS we have consultants in Revenue Management, and digital strategies, among others. 

On this occasion, we closed visits from our allies, with an important link to continue exploring alternatives towards their digitization. Google Mexico presented the work they are developing through Google Travel, to increase the visibility of routes and mobility alternatives for users. 

With the support of the Reservamos SaaS technology and product team, we will be working hand in hand with Google and our allies to make Rápido Ochoa and Expreso Brasilia the first Colombian bus companies to collaborate with the Google Travel product team and increase the visibility of their brands by displaying their logos, prices, and schedules on the routes.  

Brazil has only done so in the region, so with this link, our allies in Colombia will be the first to do so outside of Brazil. From Reservamos SaaS we are working on linking with key companies such as Google, to make this and more projects that positively impact all our partners in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia a reality.

If your bus company needs a specialized technology partner to help you better connect with your digital travelers and the industry, visit Reservamos SaaS for more information and request a demo.

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