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The story of Reservamos.

The Story of Reservamos: Technological Innovation in Latin America’s Ground Transportation

October 4, 2023

Written by Beatriz Ladrón

Driven by the mission to digitize ground transportation, Reservamos has developed a technological ecosystem capable of connecting millions of travelers in a more convenient way. 

Reservamos is a Mexican travel tech company, founded in 2014 under the vision of its founders Sebastián Gómez, Andrés Sucre, and Adrián Cuadros, with the goal of driving the digitalization of the bus sector and enhancing the online purchasing experience for travelers, primarily in the LatAm region.

Upon realizing that the e-commerce platforms of companies were underutilized while long lines persisted at bus terminals, Andrés, Sebastián, and Adrián decided to develop specialized technology to strengthen their digital sales channels. With the help of specialized technology, they set out to transform the way bus tickets are sold online and adapt this sector to the new needs of digital travelers.

The Bridge of Communication Between Travelers and the Bus Sector is the first major digitalization effort in the bus sector. This platform emerged during a 3-day Hackathon and became the company’s first line of business, leading its founders to discover their mission of digitalizing ground transportation in Mexico.

In 2015, the company achieved its first milestone when Oscar Salazar, Co-Founder and CTO of UBER, decided to invest in Reservamos as an angel investor, along with other renowned professionals. Later, in mid-2016, Reservamos received its first investment round from Thayer Ventures, a leading venture capital firm primarily focused on investing in new travel technology startups with worldwide recognition.

Continuing this growth, in 2017, Reservamos was selected as a Startup Endeavor, and in 2018, it was recognized as one of the Top 25 Travel Startups by Skift, a specialized site in the international travel industry.

Today, is the leading platform for the sale of ground transportation tickets in Mexico, offering travelers the most comprehensive and straightforward experience of purchasing tickets at the most convenient prices.

With over 85 transport lines, 1,000 available destinations, and 3,000 active routes, provides the widest range of ground travel options, including air and connecting travel, as well as car rentals and hotel bookings in partnership with AVASA (Hertz, Thrifty, Firefly) and, respectively. Thanks to over 1.5 million visits across all its versions (desktop, mobile, and app), has positioned itself as the most relevant platform in the travel and ground travel segment for the middle class in Mexico, with a particular focus on the young traveling population.

The Technological Ally for Achieving Digital Success

Due to its success in the market and the acceptance of early travelers, in 2018, Reservamos expanded its offering to develop exclusive solutions focused on the bus sector, leading to the creation of a new business line called Reservamos SaaS, which has become the technological partner of bus companies in Latin America. The technological infrastructure of Reservamos SaaS focused on the B2B business, is designed to be the digital ecosystem for any bus company, offering solutions and tools that help businesses optimize their digital sales channels and revenue and operations management. Its goal is to support more bus companies in strengthening their digital presence, enhancing the purchasing experience for digital travelers, and driving innovation and growth in the sector.

The Reservamos SaaS Ecosystem:

  • eCommerceThe eCommerce platform is technology tailored to the bus company’s digital channel, providing a high conversion rate, an optimized purchase funnel, and a user-friendly and secure interface and user experience.
  • Apps Custom app development for each bus company, with the features available from eCommerce and access to various management tools. With ratings of over 4.5 stars in digital stores.
  • BrainPROS Revenue Management system that strengthens the performance and operations of bus companies. Through its monitoring and analysis modules, it generates smart pricing recommendations to optimize revenue.
  • Competitor Monitor A web-based data science tool that allows you to visualize and analyze market behavior to make better pricing strategies and inventory optimization decisions.

Reservamos SaaS technology has led to a 4X growth in digital sales for partner bus companies through their eCommerce platforms and mobile apps. With this technology, companies in the sector have achieved payment acceptance rates above 84%, with an average chargeback rate of 0.3% and a +60% increase in conversion rates. In addition, it provides an innovative alternative that allows companies to stay up-to-date and aligned with the needs of travelers, who increasingly demand better digital shopping experiences that are agile, effective, and secure. In 2022 alone, Reservamos SaaS partners had more than 50 million visitors on their digital channels. This is nearly the total population of São Paulo and Mexico City combined!

Today, Reservamos SaaS provides technology to the most important passenger land transport brands in Mexico, the United States, Colombia, and Brazil. Its vision is to lead innovation in the bus sector throughout Latin America and bring technology that allows companies to lead digital transformation within their operational areas and maintain control of their businesses in an optimized and growth-assured manner.

Solutions for Corporate Travelers

This business unit of Reservamos focuses on addressing administrative and management needs related to the transportation and activities of corporate partners and the events industry. Through a portfolio of comprehensive and customized solutions, this concierge service helps companies achieve their business objectives, reducing costs associated with travel planning.

Among its services are:

  • Route management.
  • Booking and purchase of bus and airplane tickets.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Transportation logistics for events and conferences.
  • Rental of vans, sprinter vans, and buses.
  • Private chauffeured transportation.

What makes them unique:

  • Having a team of dedicated customer service executives capable of providing peace of mind, confidence, and assistance during any corporate journey.
  • Ability to maintain multiple open and flexible communication channels regarding schedules.
  • Detailed service information is provided via email and online.
  • Streamlining procedures with a single report and invoice.
  • Offering comprehensive customer care, ensuring continuous service, and guaranteeing constant uptime, even in case of incidents.

Expert Voices That Have Become Advisors, Guides, and Investors

Reservamos SaaS has the support of an Advisory Board with experience in various industries and the highest international recognition, which are essential to the company’s vision of becoming the leading provider of travel technology for the bus sector.

Advisory Board:

Reservamos is the leading travel technology provider that helps bus companies connect with new digital travelers to provide them with a smarter, dynamic, flexible, secure, and efficient shopping experience through solutions that support and drive transformation and growth in the bus, travel, and tourism sectors.

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