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ETN Pet-Friendly Update
ETN-Turistar refreshes the online experience for traveling with pets
September 06, 2023

Discover the enhancements we’ve developed for the success of this Ancillary.

Increasing revenue through Ancillaries, in addition to enhancing traveler loyalty and satisfaction by offering personalized options tailored to their needs, is a strategy that has represented a revenue increase of between 40% and 50% for airlines. In the bus sector, more and more companies are exploring the implementation of Ancillaries to amplify their impact in the bus transportation market.

At Reservamos SaaS, we are constantly searching for innovative opportunities that allow bus companies to better connect with travelers and also help boost revenue growth for their businesses.

One of these efforts is the activation of Ancillaries such as Pet-Friendly. Since February of this year, the Mexican bus line ETN-Turistar enabled the “Pets on Board” option, which provides its users with alternatives to include their pets on their bus journeys. What began on one route (CDMX – Querétaro) with two schedules, morning and afternoon, has now become an option available on various routes and schedules.

Part of the efforts of Reservamos SaaS’s technology and product team is to maintain an agile, simple, and secure digital browsing and purchasing experience for the users of our partner companies. In the case of ETN-Turistar, the team has been monitoring the performance of this Ancillary to identify opportunities for improvement in navigation, resulting in the following updates to the eCommerce platform:

  • Redesign of search filters in the “View Result” section to enhance the visualization, selection, and sorting of categories, schedules, travel options (such as direct and non-stop trips), as well as the availability of trips with pets on board. This allows for a smoother and more efficient experience.
  • Added search filters in the “Widget Search” to use tags configured by features, for example, for the Pet-Friendly ancillary, on the page to cater to users who want to travel with their pets.
  • Added a badge indicating routes with the service available in the “View Result.”
  • During the purchase process, an onboarding card was activated to provide guidance to users who have selected this option, offering information about routes that offer the Pet-Friendly service in the “View Result.”
  • A modal-type screen in the Seat Selection stage with detailed information on how to use seats designated as Pet-Friendly.
  • A button located at the top of the diagram that leads to the “Information for Traveling with Pets” section, for easy access to the modal window.
  • A card with details about the selected seats, indicating if they are eligible for traveling with pets.

In this way, we not only make the growth strategies of our partner bus companies a reality but also support the success of their implementation to ensure the achievement of their online objectives, ultimately elevating the preference and digital purchasing experience of travelers.

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