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July 25, 2023

Written by Fernando Aguilera

We are committed to making passenger ground transportation a more efficient means of mobility, both for your operations and sales. 

A few days ago, I participated in the Mexico edition of the Busworld Virtual Tour, which traveled through several Latin American countries in recent months to address various challenges faced by the bus sector, aiming to enhance its competitiveness and sustained growth.

This dialogue exercise left me with several ideas we couldn’t explore fully during the discussion due to time constraints. Therefore, I decided to write these words to focus on a fundamental question:

What is my vision of the sector’s future, and how do I believe it will evolve?

We have realized two key aspects: 1) Travelers are seeking increasingly agile, secure, and personalized digital purchasing experiences, and 2) bus companies need to innovate to remain competitive and retain market share.

In the latter point, I identify three scenarios from my perspective:

Reservamos SaaS has focused on developing an entire technological ecosystem specialized for businesses and their sales channels, providing better tools for their strategies and enabling them to have as much information as possible about their travelers and the market. This has led to bus companies growing their digital sales by nearly 4x through their own eCommerce and mobile applications, which we have created and maintained with our support.

Why should bus companies invest in strengthening their digital channels?

  1. In many countries, I have observed a situation of high dependence on external digital sales channels, such as OTAs and Marketplaces. In some cases, these external channels even manage the websites of bus companies without a clear focus on individual objectives.
  2. One of the greatest assets for companies is the data they can analyze based on their travelers’ behavior. However, this data is often underutilized due to a lack of knowledge and tools, which hinders the possibility of turning that advantage into growth-driving strategies.
  3. In recent years, we have seen a significant fragmentation in the sector, as well as significant consolidations and new business models, focused on the digital experience, leading to increased competition, but also represents a risk for the sector. That’s why accelerating innovation is the difference between reaching the finish line or falling out of the race.
  4. Having an eCommerce platform is not enough if it lacks updates in line with market trends, traveler preferences, and new technologies. Emerging tools like AI are here to stay, and it’s crucial to harness all their benefits and tailor them to provide more personalized experiences for each traveler.

At Reservamos SaaS, our goal is to help bus companies have more travelers in waiting rooms than at ticket counters.

We have assisted our allies in increasing their sales through digital channels. We have successful cases where digital sales represent from 25% to 40% of total sales for a company. Additionally, we achieve a 90% occupancy rate and a +7 days advance purchase. The mobile applications we have developed boast high conversion rates, ratings above 4.5 stars, and organic acquisition of new users exceeding 10%.

Companies that have adopted Revenue Management technological tools, like the ones we have developed, drive greater operational optimization and benefits such as advance purchase, higher occupancy, and market understanding, among others.

We collaborate with our allies on updates and innovations that have made this transportation mode more appealing. From open tickets, an option for travelers to choose their desired travel dates, to ancillaries like Pet-Friendly, electronic wallets, loyalty programs, and the creation of mobile applications with high conversion rates, among many others.

The agility with which we can implement these and other improvements in bus companies ensures higher competitiveness in the market, an aspect we have not observed being replicated internally in these companies at the same speed. Attracting talent is a significant challenge, and the culture of a technology-driven company is structured to ensure efficiency. Facing such challenges internally can be a hindrance to innovation for any company. Hence, it is of vital importance to hire experts who can help solve problems and uncertainties, thus accelerating their development capacity and increasing their competitiveness.

At Reservamos SaaS, we have driven the evolution of ground passenger transportation, making it a more efficient means of mobility, both in its operation and digital marketing. Being a much broader sector than air transportation, it becomes particularly attractive to both national and international travelers. Promoting the evolution of this sector in an agile manner will be key to making more people choose this mode of communication.

We are prepared to be the guide and ally that helps bus companies adapt to any change, without losing track. To watch the Busworld webinar on Mexico, click here.

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