Fare Classes: an attractive and flexible offer for digital travelers

Fare Classes: an attractive and flexible offer for digital travelers

Through Fare Classes, your bus company eCommerce adapts to travelers’ needs and allows you to provide an attractive and flexible offer adjusted to the market.

Bus companies have implemented different strategies, using Reservamos SaaS technology to offer adjusted rates to digital travelers. One case is Greyhound teaming with the Reservamos SaaS development team and implementing 3 differentiated rates in its eCommerce for prices and benefits in baggage, ticket changes, and boarding preferences. The fares are Economic, Extra Economic, and Flexible, where the latter is the most beneficial for the traveler.

Another option to implement Rate Classes is through advance purchase. It is the case of Roll & Bits, which has different rates according to the date chosen to travel and seeks to promote anticipated purchases among digital travelers.

Reservamos SaaS technology brings bus companies the essential tools to increase their competitiveness and get attractive options aligned to what digital travelers are looking for in the market.

NPS strategy to prove the loyalty in booking online tickets

NPS strategy to prove the loyalty in booking online tickets

¡We did it! 2.3x NPS increases above industry standards by measuring and understanding the traveler’s interaction.

In the solutions optimization phase, we rolled out an “NPS strategy” to challenge and test our solutions with Expreso Brasilia’s travelers. Collecting anonymous data, customer evaluations, habits and interactions allowed us to test and make changes to the eCommerce experience.

Digital transformation is not only about software. We feel proud at Reservamos to have introduced a key concept at Expreso Brasilia. This will ultimately benefit the travelers & the Company. Onward & upward.

Improvement in the evaluation of: 

  • Payment methods (cash, transfer, credit card).
  • Search results.
  • 2.3x NPS increase above industry standard.
A secure way to register and store cards

A secure way to register and store cards

Personalizing the shopping experience for travelers speeds up online shopping processes and is key to providing more efficient service.

Now users will be able to save or delete their cards when making a purchase. Within their profile, a section will appear to save the card data and remember them for future purchases.

Guardar Tarjeta

Within the purchase process there are 2 properties:

  • Save card: User who wants to save their card data for future purchases.
  • Use a saved card: Choose a saved card to speed up the purchase process.

Impact of the update:

  • About 25% of users who have an account choose to save or use their card.
  • The update includes touchpoints in the customer experience to increase the number of records and cards saved.
Suggested dates for searches without results are available!

Suggested dates for searches without results are available!

Digital transformation is not just about software. At Reservamos SaaS, we help bus companies provide a better digital experience for their passengers. From the ticket search to loyalty programs for frequent travelers.

With this in mind, our team of professionals has analyzed the travelers’ purchase funnel when it does not show results when searching for tickets for certain dates. Creating a new alternative by adding:

  • Next day and previous day buttons in search results.
  • The option to purchase the open ticket.

The impact on bus lines:

  • Avoid losing sales due to a bad user experience.
  • Keep users in the funnel without returning to the main page.

At Reservamos SaaS we are constantly innovating to bring the bus sector to the innovation speed needed, to create a better experience for the new digital traveler.

Search – Result Optimization is live!

Search – Result Optimization is live!

Always looking to improve the booking experience and bring best practices from other industries to the bus sector, our RD team conducted a development that will increase conversion, improve the experience, and fasten the booking process by adding:

1. Promos and highlighted prices, and discounts by importance.

2. Edition of information such as choosing seats, passenger name, and payment information, in a smooth process within the same page. No need to use the navigation buttons.

These improvements have already shown great results such as:

  1. Higher traffic to purchase conversion.
  2. Less bounce rate and abandonment.
  3. Speed up the booking process.
  4. Increase sales.

We hope you’ll discover Search Result Optimization effectiveness in growing the conversion in your eCommerce.